Sons of Anarchy Season 6 “The Mad King” Review – That Escalated Quickly

Sons of Anarchy is going to give me a heart attack this season. I don’t know where to begin with last night’s episode.

Most of the episode focused on the rapidly escalating war with the Irish. Having vented their frustration out on the Nazis, the Sons were looking for Galen or any Irishman who could lead them to Galen. The club, or perhaps Jax acting alone, decided that it was not in everyone’s best interest to repay the deaths of V-Lin and Filthy Phil with more violence. That was a smart move, as the redwood table is pretty empty these days.

Despite the wisdom that informed that decision, Jax did not make the smartest play when he tried to broker a partnership with the Irish kings and August Marks – without running it by the club. Bad move, Jackie Boy. I can’t decide if it was duress or hubris that led him to think that the Irish would want to do business with August. The club barely made the deal work with the cartel/CIA, which ended quite poorly.

As I’ve said before, I think Chibs may be the only thing standing between the club and certain destruction. Someone needed to get in Jax’s face. I don’t know why Jax wouldn’t consult Chibs on dealing with the Irish. No one in SAMCRO, aside from former member Clay, has a longer history with the kings. Further, with Chibs’ wife and daughter presumably still in Ireland, he stands to lose a lot more than his own life and the club. I was hoping that Jax would let Chibs in on the fact that the deal with the Irish kings and Marks is key to keeping Tig alive – if Jax has any interest in that at all.

Can we all agree that everyone saw the explosive ending coming? I couldn’t believe that neither Jax nor Chibs were suspicious when the Irish needed confirmation that all club members would be in one location at 8 PM. Who knew that such a powerful message could be contained in a tiny, little green pen? I’d like to personally thank Kurt Sutter for sparing Abel and Tommy from the explosion, which was so huge that anyone inside would have definitely died.

Seriously – how do you explain this to your kids, Jax? I’m going to start keeping a tally of Abel’s childhood trauma.

Uneasy Alliance

Tara would be well-advised to take Unser up on his offer to aid in her exit strategy. The faint signs of Wendy’s reluctance last week became much more noticeable in last night’s episode. Last season, Wendy seemed to be self-assured, confident and a voice of reason with respect to the danger Jax’s kids faced because of his involvement in the club.

In last night’s episode, however, Wendy looked as worn down by her past as someone like Juice. She couldn’t resist the allure of Gemma’s approval and love. Although Gemma may be playing the full disclosure game with Nero, I don’t believe that to be the case with Wendy. You’d think that Wendy would be a bit more resolute in her plan to get the kids away from the club. She saw first hand last season that the club’s enemies are not her only concern – Jax’s threat was scary and felt quite sincere.

I’m still unclear on the endgame with Tara/Jax/Wendy/Gemma/Abel/Tommy, but I don’t think for a second that it will end well. It will also be interesting to see how Jax’s feeling for Colette play into all of this. She’s on Gemma’s radar now, which means that she could soon become a pawn in a game to take down Tara. As much as I’d like to see both Jax and Colette catch a beat down for their extramarital indiscretions, I wouldn’t want it to be at the cost of Tara’s freedom.


I am well aware of the challenges prisoners face, but Stockton seems to be an extreme display of corruption from top to bottom. I am still not over the greed and corruption that motivated the prison guards to arrange Opie’s death. I thought that would be one of the most disturbing displays of prison corruption until last night.

I’m glad that the “exchange” between Gemma and Clay was not as graphic as Otto’s “morning visits” in the season 6 premiere, but it didn’t make knowing what happened any easier. Otto may have given several body parts and ultimately his life for the club, but at least he was a full-fledged member of SAMCRO. As the club matriarch, Gemma has been put in several uncomfortable positions in which she has endured rape and/or sexual assault. Gemma’s rape in season 2 rivals Opie’s murder in terms of gruesome scenes.

After watching her survive such a traumatic experience, it was hard to watch Nero’s “sister” try to force Gemma into a sexual act with the Companionator at gunpoint. It was even more difficult to watch Jax, who killed his mother’s rapist, demand that his mother get close to Clay and seduce him in furtherance of his plan to finally take Clay down. The scene last night was crushing and those guards were horrible. I appreciate why Gemma didn’t tell the club about what happened, but I don’t think Nero is going to be able to keep that secret.

I know the Sons have more trouble than they can handle, but I’d really like to see those guards meet Mr. Mayhem.

Other Observations . . .

Anyone else concerned that it was Juice who had to ask Jax who was looking after his pregnant wife?

Why didn’t Barosky conduct any due diligence on Jax and the Sons before partnering up or shortly thereafter?

I was ready to campaign for Rat to finally patch-in after his quick thinking last week – until he let a little flirting distract him while “guarding” Tara last night. Come on, Rat. Get it together.

The moment at the start of the episode with Gemma and Chucky was sweet. It reminded me why we love Gemma, she’s so perceptive and when she’s motivated to do so, she can say exactly what you need to hear. It was also nice to allow Chucky (or anyone) a moment to mourn Otto.


And you guys decided that “Handsome Jack” Teller is the best president for SAMCRO right now. It was a close call between Jax and new VP, Chibs. Bobby was a distant third, but I would like to personally thank the 5 people who voted for Tig, the 9 who voted for Happy and the 2 who voted for Juice. You keep things interesting and I like it!


The conversation between Galen and the rest of the Irish kings was quite revealing. We knew that Galen was close with Father Ashby, but there was no previous discussion about Galen’s history with John Teller. Galen’s observations about John sounded eerily similar to what we’ve previously heard Gemma and Clay say about John. We also know that Clay and Galen have a long history and have a vested interest in gun running that appears to date back at least to the time of John Teller’s death murder.

That leads to this week’s question:

Was Galen in on the plot to murder John Teller?

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I’m starting to think the tension between Galen and Jax runs deeper than a gun disagreement or Galen’s distaste for Jax’s impulsiveness. We also know that John was very close with Kellan Ashby and Galen considered the priest a father figure. Greed and jealousy can lead tv villains to do horrible things!


As the clubhouse went up in flames last night, I needed a hug. I mourned the loss of this magical place where many people we’ve loved and lost used to laugh, drink, fight and on occasion work – like Piney, Kozik, Filthy Phil and Opie.

With that in mind, it’s time to highlight another fan-based endeavor that you can turn to when you need a hug after the show, need to share a memory or in this case, need a good laugh.

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