Revolution Season 2 Review “Love Story”

Revolution Season 2 Episode 3 Love Story (5)

The Patriots certainly move fast, don’t they? After two episodes suggesting they’d just landed on the east coast, this week’s Revolution, “Love Story,” made it clear that they’ve already worked their way throughout most of the country. Though their arrival took some story arcs in odd directions, it did give a sense of what the overall storyline for the season will be.

The major focus of this week’s episode was Miles’ escape from the war clan compound and the ensuing standoff with Titus’ forces. I have to say, this story felt like it was put on fast-forward. We went from learning about Titus’ wife to Miles almost immediately being rescued at the beginning to Titus and his wife being dead by the end of the hour. It was honestly a shame to see Titus go so quickly, too, as he was a threatening, unhinged villain.
As for the Patriots, their deal with Titus was a bit confusing. They had enough of a presence in his group that they could rough Titus up a bit, but not enough to command his forces very effectively. They seemed to have a deal of some sort, but it would’ve helped to know a bit more about it. Then again, I guess it doesn’t really matter now, with the main takeaway being that there’s a new army in town.

Back on the coast, Tom and Jason started working with the Patriots, but one trip to the soup kitchen wasn’t enough to convince anyone. Almost immediately, they were found out, and even Tom’s lie about blaming Monroe wasn’t enough to convince the Secretary. This was actually a great development, as it shows that the Patriots are a perceptive, dangerous enemy. It also puts Tom in a deadlier position, which is far more entertaining for viewers.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Monroe’s story continued to take small steps forward. Charlie found out that the bounty hunter was after Monroe on behalf of the Patriots, before ultimately turning on him when she learned her mother was also a target. It fits Charlie’s character, especially given what she’s been through, that she trusts nobody, so I was glad to see her turn down Monroe and begin the journey back on her own. Hopefully the bounty hunter himself will return down the line, or else this entire storyline will end up as nothing but a waste of time.

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