Person of Interest Season 3 Review “Lady Killer”

Lady Killer

This week the gentlemen took a back seat to the ladies when it came time to protect the newest person of interest. Ladies man, Ian Murphy, was on the prowl and Team Machine suspected he was a perpetrator and not a victim. To confirm their suspicions, Shaw, Carter and Zoe were recruited to lure Ian in. This led to some of the funniest moments we’ve seen on Person of Interest. But, the light was balanced out by the dark as Root made her move with the help of the machine.

Complete with Pitbull’s party anthem in the background, Carter, Zoe and Shaw hit the club to see if they could lure in Ian. It was nice to see that these ladies still can bring the sexy. It was also funny that Shaw looked so disappointed when Ian passed her up. Did she think she was going to get him with that scowl on her face? Carter ended up the winner, which is good because it would’ve been uncomfortable for Ian to take the bait with Zoe now that we know she is otherwise committed. Ahem.

I’m a big fan of Reese and Zoe, and I love the episodes when they bring the two of them together. There have been hints at a relationship between the two, but this week we got more confirmation that Reese’s penance does not include celibacy. We found out that not only are the two “special friends,” but Reese has even shown his affection through gift giving – namely an adorable, pink stun gun.

The machine decided for some yet unknown reason that it was time to bust Root out of the mental hospital. The relationship between Root and the machine is growing more complex, but it’s clear that for now the machine is still in charge. Root wanted to mow down everyone between her and the exit, but the machine stopped her from committing murder. I get the feeling that Root is satisfied cooperating now, but it’s not in her nature to go along for too long. It’s interesting how she refers to the machine as “her” and that she thinks that the machine is the key for her to transcend this reality. I’m not quite sure where Root’s story is heading, but since we know Amy Acker is a series regular, it’s going to take a while to reach its destination. I’ve actually been enjoying quasi-Zen Root to the crazy, ranting Root.

Some of the best moments of the episode came courtesy of a majorly surly Shaw. She was not too happy when she learned that her cover was a yoga instructor. I’m a little nervous that perhaps they’re making Shaw too harsh and that she may become a kind of caricature. Shaw’s bonding with Bear is helping to soften her, and it’s great the way it seems to needle Finch. Another high point was Fusco complaining about the cost of a soda and leering at the young girls dancing around him. I think next time if they send Fusco in as back up in a club, they should put him in some club wear.

The actual person of interest story was a little weak, but it was useful for giving the Team Machine ladies a chance to shine. Is anyone else feeling, though, that we need more Finch face time?

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