First Look: ‘Less Than Kind’ (Direct TV’s Audience Network) Season 4 Premiere 2013 “I’m Only Nineteen”

Less Than Kind Season 4

Less Than Kind season 4 episode 1 “I’m Only Nineteen” premieres Wednesday, October 9th at 10:30-11:00 p.m. ET/PT on Direct TV’s Audience Network. See below for a trailer previewing the final season.

Episode Synopsis: The triumph of Sheldon’s graduation morphs into a summer of love, parties and independence. Anne’s empty nest anxiety leads to a tryst that is more than she bargained for. Josh and Shandra blow the budget shopping for a first home.

Show Summary: The series draws to a close during a period of transition for the Blechers. Anne’s (Wendel Meldrum) anxiety is rising at the looming loss of Sheldon (Jesse Camacho) to a gap-year adventure and to the advances of employee Jim Sheridan (Nicholas Campbell). Newly engaged Josh (Benjamin Arthur) pursues a career at Manitoba Labels in order to move out, move up and start his own family with the increasingly demanding Shandra (Lisa Anne Durupt). Aunt Clara (Nancy Sorel) finds herself facing the harsh prospect of unwelcome spinsterhood. As for the loveable trio of youngsters – Sheldon, Miriam (Brooke Palsson) and Danny (Tyler Johnston) – their relationships will be strained to the breaking point by a series of tumultuous events. Life will never be the same again for the Blechers. And that might not be bad.