The Originals Season 1 Review “House of the Rising Son”

After the largely inconsequential debut episode, in which “The Originals” basically recapped everything we already knew before dropping a fairly eye-opening twist via Elijah’s being daggered into hibernation, the show proper kicked into action with the amusingly-titled “House of the Rising Son.” This time around, we got some juicy plot machinations that showed there was more going on than met the eye in the opener. It turns out there’s a method to Klaus’ considerable madness.

As with “The Vampire Diaries,” I always love a good flashback, and this had a solid one, in which it chronicled how Klaus and Marcel became a thing in the first place. Though the revelation that Klaus “named” Marcel was a bit iffy, I did like the fact that what drew them to each other was that Marcel was rabble-rousing against the Man long before that sort of thing was fashionable, gaining Klaus’ respect at a time in which hardly anyone did, leading Elijah to admit there might be hope for him yet. Um, not.

But still, I liked how Klaus took the “Little Warrior” under his wing and trained him, with a little help from Rebekah, who also took a shine to him. The whole overprotective brother thing has some pretty icky incestual undertones, what with a jealous Klaus having killed every single suitor to take a crack at his sister since…well, ever; but I did like the twist that Klaus gave him a choice between being with Rebekah or becoming a vampire and Marcel chose the latter. That had to have stung. No wonder Rebekah’s such a bitch on wheels. You’d be too, if you were c-blocked for several centuries.

I also like that he made Marcel “earn” being a vampire through hard work and training, instead of just doing it on the fly. Klaus may be messed up, but he does have a certain dignity to the way he does things, when he’s not throwing temper tantrums, at least. His plan to infiltrate Marcel’s gang was also pretty solid, at least until it was revealed that turning over Elijah had been a terrible move on his part, given that it ultimately gave Marcel the upper hand in retrospect, what with Davina’s powers actually besting any of the Originals, at least according to Rebekah.

It’s great having Rebekah on the show now, and I’ll be interested to see how things proceed from here. Will she try and win Marcel back? Or, much more likely, use his affection for Camille against him, as revenge for his choosing vampirism over her back in the day? I’m guessing the latter, though she might play at the former to try and pull a fast one.

Other neat moments: the coin toss gambit with Marcel and the “replacement” potential would-be vamps- it was cool how he killed the one who betrayed their friend, showing Klaus the possible consequences of his actions, should he be trying something behind his back; the fact that the witches are damned if they do, damned if they don’t- if they leave, they lose all their powers and disrespect their ancestors to boot, and if they don’t, they can’t practice magic anyway; the fact that both Marcel and Klaus were both cast-off illegitimate children, which was another reason they were so close- and why Klaus felt so betrayed when he didn’t have his back when the Originals fled New Orleans from his vengeance-seeking father; the will-she-or-won’t-she decision of Hayley on whether or not to keep her baby or not-pretty heavy stuff for a genre show.

Last but not least, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that us closet “H2O” fans finally got our moment when Rebekah and Hayley came face-to-face for the first time. Now if we could just dig up Cariba Heine and cast her as a witch or something, we’d have a full-on reunion! Mermaids ahoy, yo!

(I apologize for this temporary fanboy outburst. We now return to our regularly scheduled review…)

Finally, I’d like to give a shout-out to my fellow “TVD” fans, who pointed out that, though I got the who right of who took out Kol and Finn, that the two were staked with white oak, which means they are truly dead, and not in hibernation. I hope you can forgive the mistake, given that: (A) Jeremy was dead, too, until he suddenly wasn’t, thanks to Bonnie; and (B) Bonnie is dead, period, and still on the show, regardless! In short, though it might take a miracle to get those two back, it wouldn’t be the first time the show pulled a fast one of that sort. (Ten to one it happens with Bonnie.) But for now, they are indeed dead, so my apologies for the mistake.

Well, that about wraps it up. Did you like the new episode better than the first? Is the direction the show seems to be headed in satisfying for you? Are you hooked on “The Originals” or do you still need a bit of convincing before you’re all in? Personally, I thought this was a much stronger episode all around. I like that Rebekah might have actually found a bona fide female friend, and that Hayley and Klaus seem to finally be bonding. (Note that he called her “Little Wolf,” a sort of call-back to his dubbing Marcel “Little Warrior.” Will he train her to be a total bad-ass as well? Because that would be awesome. Did I mention I love Phoebe Tonkin? She’s purty.)

Let me know what you thought of the latest “The Originals” in the comments section and see you next week!