Person of Interest Executive Producers Tease “Lady Killer” & Season 3 Overall

Lady Killer

Yesterday, TV Equals was invited to a special screening of tonight’s new episode of Person of Interest “Lady Killer” followed by a Q&A session with executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman.

The Episode

As Greg Plageman pitched it “It’s Ladies Night! And that includes Root,” on tonight’s episode of Person of Interest as Carter, Shaw and Zoe dress up for a night in the town, in order to bait a playboy who could potentially be a stalker and killer. As for Root, let’s just say that The Machine has some new plans for her to execute. Yep, another exciting day in the life of Reese and Finch.

Oh and how could I forget Bear, who gets lots of screen time this episode!

The Q&A

After the screening, Nolan and Plageman were on hand to answer a few questions about this season and the series as a whole. Here are some of the highlights.

Root and The Machine

We’ve already seen hints of Root and her relationship with The Machine in the first episode of the season, but it’s going to be expanded in this episode; Nolan and Plageman explained that her relationship with machine is different than Finch’s relationship with it and they teased that it would become unsettling for Finch how the machine is reaching out to Root. So expect a “fun conflict” coming between Root and Finch.

What’s The Plan?

The big theme this season is The Machine’s plan. She has one, but what is it? All I can tell you is that according to Nolan and Plageman we’ll find out what one aspect of the plan is by the end of the season, but they also teased that just because it has a plan doesn’t mean it will workout the way it intends to.

Something else they will address was how The Machine goes about picking the people to save and they intend to answer that especially now with its new relationship with Root.

They joked that the The Machine is really smart and probably way smarter than they are, which makes it hard to write for.

And here is another tease for you, they revealed that there is still more to find out about the machine, even stuff that Finch hasn’t told Reese yet.


If you enjoy finding out more about characters, then you’ll be happy to know that we’re going to learn more about Carter and her backstory this season and episode 5 “Razgovor” is a big Shaw episode in which we’ll learn more about how she became who she is. We’ll get little glimpses of her humanity. They also teased a really powerful episode coming up for Fusco.

As for fans of Bear, Jonathan Nolan joked, “We’re still working on the bear flashback episode.” Plageman piled on by adding that they think The Machine is communicating with Bear on a different frequency, to which Nolan responded, “Who says Bear isn’t the machine?”

HR vs Vigilance

If you’re wondering about HR, that storyline will continue to evolve, it’s going to be a big story this year.

But there is also a new bad in town, Vigilance. They of course would want to shut down machine if they knew about it, so the questions is what will they do once they find out about it (and you know they will). So they will also play a big part this season.

What About Elias?

When asked whether we would be seeing Carl Elias (Enrico Colantoni) again, Nolan responded, “We sure hope so.”


So there you have it!

Don’t miss the new episode of Person of Interest tonight, October 8th at 10pm on CBS. Oh and here are a couple of clips from the episode for you to enjoy below.