‘Murder Police’ Cancelled by Fox– Before it Aired

Murder Police has been given its walking papers before it had a chance to get its foot inside the door of Fox’s Animation Domination block.

As first reported by TV Guide, the animated series was initially picked up for 13-episodes and slated for a midseason debut before Fox decided not to air Murder Police after all. Instead 20th Century Fox will shop the series to cable channels. TV Guide notes that Fox producers may not have been happy with early cuts of the series, but production on episodes will continue to help Murder Police find a new home.

From David A. Goodman (Family Guy) and Jason Ruiz (who also stars), Murder Police follows a station of bumbling officers voiced by the likes of Jane Lynch (Glee), Chi McBride (Pushing Daisies) and Phil Lamarr (Futurama).

The preemptive axing of the series will leave a hole in Fox’s Animation Domination block come midseason when American Dad heads to its new home on TBS.

Were you looking forward to Murder Police or do you think one cop comedy per network is sufficient?