Hart of Dixie Season 3 Review “Who Says You Can’t Go Home Again”

Hart Of Dixie Season 3 Episode 1 Who Says You Can't Go Home (2)

We’ve all been led to believe by promos and teasers for the third season of Hart of Dixie would take us back to the first, with the whole of Bluebell against Zoe Hart, but thankfully that’s not really the case. Instead, we get over that issue pretty quickly in ‘Who Says You Can’t Go Home Again’, instead setting up the new status quo of Zoe living in Bluebell with her new NYC boyfriend.

Are we going to hate Joel, said new boyfriend? Probably, since the chemistry between Zoe and Wade is still there is spades, but he doesn’t seem too bad for a temporary obstacle to their happiness. It doesn’t look like Zoe and George are going to happen any time soon, anyways, as the writers have chosen to focus instead on the two fan fave couples of season two – Zoe/Wade and George/Tansy. This is a refocus that I like very much, as the original triangle never really worked as well as it should have.

When we begin, Zoe is finally on her way to becoming the hotshot surgeon she always wanted to be, with a new boyfriend and a dream apartment within her grasp. But then Rose shows up, celebrating her 16th birthday in New York without Zoe, and she begins to realise that the breakup emails she sent to Bluebell residents might not have been enough. She sets off back home, fully intending to return the next day. We all knew it wouldn’t be that easy, didn’t we?

Who does she see as she gets off the bus? Wade of course, and it’s as if he’s been waiting for her for five months. He has no regrets, apparently, and we’re inclined to believe him. Soon, though, Lemon puts her shenanigans hat on and tells Zoe that she and Wade have been secretly dating – bam, Wade wins the breakup contest and the residents of Bluebell have a new secret to keep. Of course, the reality that Lemon’s real squeeze is Meatball would be too much for the town to handle.

There have been a couple of other changes made to the show – namely the series regular status of AnnaBeth (yay!) and the disappearance of Shelby and Magnolia. This leaves Brick with little to do in season three, so maybe Shelby isn’t gone for good. Still, it seems a little abrupt. My favourite part of this premiere was something old-school, however, as Lemon talked George out of his motel cave with a pep talk and a training montage. It was glorious, and it’s a dynamic on the show that I’m so grateful hasn’t been abandoned.

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