‘Drop Dead Diva’ Season 5: What Did Stacy Just Do?!

Drop Dead Diva-Brooke

The resurrected Lifetime dramedy Drop Dead Diva returned for the start of its final five episodes of the show’s current, fifth season this past Sunday; and while there was plenty of legal action going on for attorneys Grayson Kent (series regular Jackson Hurst) and Jane Bingum (series lead Brooke Elliott), the really big action was in the final moments of the return episode entitled “Trust Me” involving Jane’s best friend Stacy Barrett (series regular April Bowlby) and Jane’s former fiancé and current boss Owen French (series regular Lex Medlin).

As viewers of the fan favorite series should recall from the first part of the current season – which aired this past summer – Stacy sold her creation “The Pakery” and started on the path toward single motherhood, asking Owen to be her sperm donor. In the summer finale episode, which aired on August 11, Stacy was going through in-vitro fertilization and hoping for the best.

With the return episode, Stacy was anxiously awaiting word on whether she was pregnant or not; and in the meantime, ‘Baby Daddy’ (so to speak) Owen gave Stacy an addendum to their baby agreement [for lack of a better term] that stipulated Stacy could not inform their progeny of his identity until the child turned 16.

Needless to say, this stipulation was unsettling for Stacy for the simple fact that she wanted her child to know both parents; but in the end she relented and signed the addendum. In the interim, though, Owen had a change of heart, ripping up the signed document immediately after Stacy confirmed to him that she was indeed pregnant.

Here is where the “big action moment” came in the final seconds of the return episode, after giving Stacy a congratulatory hug, Owen leaned in and KISSED Stacy and she returned the lip-lock.


Stacy and Jane are best friends (well, technically the soul of Deb who resides inside the body of Jane is best friends with Stacy, but semantics, right?); Jane was engaged to Owen (even though that ended badly because of a long-awaited and ill-timed kiss between Jane and Grayson) and Owen is Jane’s boss at the law firm of Harrison and Parker.

How could either of them even THINK about kissing the other? Will this become a “thing” for them? Will they attempt to keep this kiss/possible relationship hidden from Jane? Or will it be a momentary lapse in judgment on both their parts and they will move on and forget about it? If Stacy and Owen make a relationship out of this one kiss, how will Jane react to this new development especially since she finally admitted – if only to her assistant Teri (series regular Margaret Cho) – that she is in love with Grayson?

What do you think? How did you react to that kiss? And what do you think will happen next? Please share your comments below.

And, make sure to tune into Lifetime on Sunday, October 13 at 9/8c for the next new episode of the fifth season of ‘Drop Dead Diva’ to see what really happens next.