‘Beauty And the Beast’ Season 2: Who Are You?

Beauty and the Beast Season 2 (3)

In many cases the three most difficult words to say to another person are “I Love You!”, but in the case of NYPD Detective Catherine “Cat” Chandler (series lead Kristin Kreuk), the most difficult three words to hear from the man that she loves, after an excruciating three months of being missing, are “Who Are You?”

With those three words, Cat’s world on the second season of Beauty And the Beast and that of all the central characters sharply changes course, leading down an exciting and new path; but not necessarily for the better.

Three months after being kidnapped – seemingly by the people behind Muirfield, the nefarious organization that transformed former Dr. Vincent Keller (series lead Jay Ryan) into a nearly-out-of-control super soldier with beastly features – Vincent is finally found by his best friend J.T. Forbes (series regular Austin Basis), sending Cat on a mission to finally bring her love home.

But, once she arrives at the shipyard where he was captured on a video monitor – and seemingly captured by the geneticist who was the mastermind behind Muirfield – Catherine comes face-to-face with Vincent, who is not the same man (or beast) that she lost three months earlier. He is, in fact, a completely different man. Not only has his appearance been changed – he no longer has his facial scare – his beastly-ability is even more super-charged than before, and worse yet, he doesn’t even know who she is.

How does a woman so deeply in love, who has been tirelessly spending the last three months of her life, looking for him [while dealing with the loss of her father to boot], deal with this kind of situation?

Well, if you are Cat Chandler, you don’t give up! You remain relentless in your belief that you and that man are “meant to be” and now that she has found him – even with his memory wiped – that “they can fall in love all over again”.

Whether that will be the case for Cat and Vincent is yet to be seen, but one thing is for certain this new Vincent isn’t her Vincent anymore; and that was self-evident when he was seen just beyond the taped-off limits of a murder scene, containing the body of the geneticist he had been tracking throughout the entire episode.

None of this is going to end well for Cat, J.T. or Vincent and the fans are gonna need to strap in for one hell of a ride as the rest of season two of ‘Beauty And the Beast’ rolls out on Monday nights on The CW at 9/8c.