Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Review “Who Am I?”

Beauty and The Beast Season 2 Episode 1 Who Am I? (4)

To say we ended the first season of Beauty and the Beast on a cliffhanger is a bit of an understatement but, not only was Catherine unable to save Vincent in the finale, ‘Who Am I?’ picks up months after the events that left fans on the edge of their seats. Catherine and JT have been searching for Vincent over the summer break, with no luck, and the strain is causing both of them to neglect the other parts of their lives.

As often happens in series that have come in for a little early criticism, a few small but major changes have been made. For one, Catherine’s dad has died, which is a surprise, and Joe has been fired for his tunnel vision quest to find his brother’s killer. Both characters are written out quite abruptly, but then Joe never really was anyone’s favourite person. It leaves Tess open to her very own love triangle, with Gabe and JT both appearing as viable suitors for season two.

Yes, you heard me right, Gabe is alive. Via a quick flashback to events immediately following the first season finale, we find out that Catherine managed to save his life, but kill his beast side in the process. This detail isn’t dwelled upon as much as it maybe should have been, and it offers a little hope to Vincent’s own story. Maybe he can eventually get rid of his beast side too? Right now it doesn’t matter much since, after they finally track Vincent down, he has no memory of who any of them are.

Cheap plot twist alert! I didn’t know how the show would move forwards after getting it’s central couple together so soon, but this is beyond my worst fears. The writers have simply erased everything we invested in during the first season and, while I know his memories will eventually come back, this feels like wasting time. It wasn’t necessarily to add this extra layer of drama when everything with Muirfield is still outstanding and, now that the inventor of the technology, Li Zhao, has been killed in an ‘animal attack’, the finger will again be pointed at Vincent.

My issues with the relationship drama aside, it was still lovely to have Beauty and the Beast back. What did you think of the episode? How long will it take for Vincent to remember Cat and JT? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.