Revenge Season 3 Review “Sin”

Revenge Season 3 Episode 2 Sin (6)

While not the most eventful episode ever, this week’s Revenge still provided a lot of entertaining moments that helped re-position the characters. If last week’s premiere was all about showing us the fallout of the season 2 finale, then “Sin” was about setting up the major conflicts that will be at play this year.

With Ashley out of the picture, it was back to the company photo and red sharpie for Emily this week. Her target this time around was a former Grayson Global employee who had since become a priest. Paul was a different mark for Emily, as he’d actually spent the past few decades attempting to atone for his mistakes. Though she was originally as focused as ever, it was good to see Emily eventually decide it was a mistake to exact vengeance upon Paul. It’ll be interesting to see how she plans to help him moving forward, particularly in relation to Conrad.

As for the Graysons, things were as miserable as ever at the manor. With her secret out of the bag, Victoria invited Patrick to dinner, making for a rather awkward evening. So far, Patrick seems like one of the few genuine characters this show has seen. Unlike everyone else, he’s not interested in playing the game, and it was nice to see him outright reject Emily when she visited him. He brings a different energy to the show, and I look forward to seeing how he’ll fit into Emily’s future plans.

Though I didn’t mention it last week, I will say that I’m not that bothered by Nolan’s decision to abandon technology. Some might argue that it was his only real contribution, but this week showed that he’s the only person capable of keeping Emily from completely losing herself to the dark side. This is a woman that’s continuously poisoning Conrad, after all. Beyond that, though, Nolan’s computer skills had become something of a cheap way out for the writers, so it’s good to see Emily need to put in a bit more effort to further her machinations.

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