POLL: Which TV Character Has the Highest Car Insurance Premiums?

NCIS, Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Burn Notice, Supernatural, Hawaii Five-0

Just a couple of weeks into the new fall season, and the mayhem on the roads is really racking up. So, after watching the new shows that have premiered, and then of course the myriad of car insurance commercials which are intermingled, it seemed only natural to wonder what kinds of premiums these folks pay. Heck, I even wondered for a moment how some of these characters get car insurance!

Since this is strictly for fun, I will not linger over such practical matters as whether or not the car being driven is stolen, although that definitely does seem to occur a lot on these shows. I’m just going to lump them all together by the person. Let’s take a look at the list.

Danny Williams – Hawaii Five-0

Chin Ho Kelly - Hawaii Five-0

Poor Danny. He seems to rarely get to drive that sweet muscle car he owns. Steve is such a control freak that he insists on driving. Since car insurance follows the car and not the driver, it is Danny’s premiums that will be affected after Steve managed to get his car blown up in the premiere episode of the fourth season.

In fact, one must wonder – does the insurance company know who is driving Danny’s car? Steve must have his own insurance, since he also owns a vehicle, which we rarely see. Surely if they ever saw Steve drive Danny’s car, the premiums would go through the roof!

Michael Westen – Burn Notice

Michael Westen - Burn Notice

This recently ended show had some of the most spectacular “flying, exploding car” sequences in recent memory. Matt Nix, the show’s creator and executive producer, loved to blow things up and make cars fly through the air. And, while I am picking on Michael, truth be told, all of these folks probably paid very high insurance premiums!

As I mentioned previously, we will overlook the fact that Michael managed to crash cars that did not always belong to him, but he also blew up the Charger once to get away at the end of season 4, so there’s that. Add in the number of cars that were sent off the top level of parking garages, got riddled with bullets in shoot outs, got crashed into other vehicles, and ended up in the waters surrounding Miami, and I think Mayhem would be most appropriate for Michael!

Dean Winchester – Supernatural

Sam and Dean Winchester - Supernatural

Since the boys have no fixed address, I’m thinking it is likely that they have no car insurance at all, but if they did, well, how would their profession affect their premium? Maybe the Gecko could get them a good rate, because after all, they do pose as federal agents on a regular basis.

Dean’s Impala takes a beating more than once and even gets totaled completely at the end of season 1. Of course, Dean rebuilds it, but still, it was totaled! This show also features cars being crashed into buildings, and through gates and fences.

Ziva David – NCIS

Tony, Ziva and Tim - NCIS

Constantly reminded that her driving makes others nervous, Ziva is the ultimate aggressive driver. She speeds, weaves in and out of traffic and in general makes the others, especially Tony, hang on for dear life! Add in shoot outs that can cause a car to become bullet ridden as they hide behind the doors, and the premiums must hit the stratosphere. BTW, did anyone see the MythBusters episode about dodging bullets by hiding behind a car door? Yeah, they would be toast.

And then of course we have the bad guys who seem to like to crash their cars into the vehicles containing our heroes. Hmmm… I wonder what the premiums are like for arch criminals and their evil minions?

Agent Coulson – Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Skye and Coulson - Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

So, do you have to disclose to a car insurance company that your car can fly? What would that do to your premiums I wonder? I doubt even Flo could get you a lower rate.

Not to mention, what about taking the car, lovingly named Lola, BTW, on a jet flight to a mission in another country? Is that covered? What if during an emergency said car manages to roll out of the loading ramp, putting it into free fall? Is there a special rider to your car insurance to cover such occurrences?

Other – You Forgot Someone!

Question Mark

Did I forget anyone? I doubt my list is comprehensive, so if I forgot someone you think belongs on the list, please let me know in the comments below!


So who do I pick? I think I have to go with Danny Williams and his poor car being driven by “take no prisoners” Steve McGarrett. I’m just watching and cringing (but loving it!) every time Steve gets behind the wheel!

Be sure to tell me what you think about insurance premiums for TV characters in the comment section below. I love reading what you have to say!