Once Upon a Time Season 3 Review “Lost Girl”

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 2 Lost Girl (36)

There was a clear theme in “Lost Girl” for Emma, Snow and Rumplestiltskin: there is power in accepting who you are.

While I have seen enough Snow vs. Regina fairybacks to last me several lifetimes, I appreciated that this week’s at least brought us to one of the show’s most heartbreaking and honest moments. For a show built around fairy tales, Once Upon a Time often fails to appreciate the underlying horror and sadness within the stories that create the magical world the characters inhabit. It nods to the ideas, but it rarely captures them as unflinchingly as it did when Snow used her past experience of accepting that she was more than a girl who was afraid of being alone, she was a leader, to help her daughter recognize the exact opposite, that she is deep down still a lost girl, an orphan wishing her parents would come for her, but that she doesn’t have to be forever.

Peter Pan’s game was a clever one. Give Emma the means to finding her son in a map, but one she could read only first by confronting her true self. I have to pause for a minute and praise Robbie Kay’s eerie, but measured performance as Pan. The kid is pulling off the trickster, wise beyond his years role with such ease it’s easy to forget he was born in 1995. He is first and foremost a gatherer of misfits. He sees in Emma the same quality she saw in the Lost Boy she failed to kill: an ache for a life not lived.

While the fairyback didn’t give us much in the way of new information about Regina and Snow’s past, it did allow us to see Snow using her own experiences to help her daughter. Earlier in the episode, we saw her reaching out to Emma in hopes that Emma would call her “Mom,” but Emma isn’t there yet, and painful though it is to accept, Snow proved she understood when she sat with Emma as she admitted she was deep down not the Saviour, or just Henry’s mother, or a sheriff, but an orphan. Making the scene all the more bittersweet, it was Charming who facilitated Snow’s own epiphany that she needed to stay and fight for her kingdom all those years ago by convincing her that she pulled Excalibur from the stone. The sword wasn’t the real Excalibur of course because everyone knows that one is in Camelot (we are so going to Camelot next season), but it gave Snow the confidence to stand up to Regina and reject her offer of exile.

The third person in our tale who had to accept his true self was Rumple, who once again proved he is more hardcore than everyone else by detaching his own shadow and sending it away to hide the dagger that can be used to destroy The Dark One. Awesome scene? Very. But the meat of the story came from Rumple manifesting a vision of Belle that led him to realize that he too is still afraid and lost. It turns out the doll that brought him to tears was the last gift his father gave him before abandoning a young Rumple. He has a chance to end the cycle of abandonment with Henry, as does Emma, which begs the question, when are those two going to meet up again? Hopefully before Pan can fully assimilate Henry into his tribe of Lost Boys, which appears to be part of his plan. Although, surely that isn’t the most nefarious idea churning around in that mischievous brain of his.

In non-accepting who you are events, we also were treated to a cool fight scene between Emma and company and the Lost Boys. Unfortunately, Charming was hit by an arrow laced with the same poison that almost did Rumple in last season. He is keeping his condition on the down low for now, but it won’t be long before he has to tell Snow he has a serious situation on his hands. Meanwhile, Hook got his flirt on with Emma, musing, “And just who are you Emma Swan?” To which she replied, “Wouldn’t you like to know.” Neal had better find a way to Neverland fast because there are serious sparks flying between our resident pirate and Emma. Finally not to be left out, Regina got off the most ridiculous line of the night while looking for Pan: “I can smell his smugness.”

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