Castle Season 6 Review “Need to Know”

Castle Season 6 Episode 3 Need To Know (6)

Well, it might have taken them two episodes to get there, but on the latest “Castle,” they finally got the band back together. Sort of. In “Need to Know,” a restless Castle inserted himself into the NYCPD’s latest case, the death of a former child star at a construction site, who was having decidedly less fun than Miley and fell off the building and got himself impaled on a big old hook. Ouch!

Just as Castle was starting to do his thing, enter Beckett and partner McCord (a returning Lisa Edelstein), to oversee the case on behalf of the FBI. Needless to say, this led to some friction between her old crew and her new one, which did not end well overall- except maybe for fans, that is. If the twists in last week’s case were clever but the overall feel of the show as fans know it was off, this week was the polar opposite- the chemistry was back in spades (as well as the show’s trademark wisecracking humor), but the case wasn’t particularly involving.

The shame of it was, it didn’t have to be that way. There was a germ of a good plot in the story of a Screech-like has-been actor from a “Saved by the Bell”-type teen show who turned into a most unlikely undercover agent for the CIA, but the show didn’t really take advantage of the opportunity as much as it could have.

I liked the idea of the crew auditioning actors immediately after the murder in order to keep things on schedule- for a hot minute I thought maybe the real Charlie was alive and well and had pulled a fast one to run away with his Ruskie love, Svetlana, but I suppose that would have been a stretch anyway- not to mention the DNA of the “fake” him would have given him away. (I blame it all on “Pretty Little Liars”- Ali is alive, I tells ya!)

Anyway, there were some great set-ups for laughs via the aforementioned scenario, plus the diva-esque feud between Charlie and Ramon (an under-used Antonio Sabato, Jr.), but the show didn’t really do that much with it, unfortunately. Not to say there weren’t some decent wisecracks here and there, and it was sort of fun seeing Ryan and especially Esposito channel their inner fan-boys, but overall, things still felt a bit off, probably because the whole affair was really just a bit of a deus ex machina to get the gang back together when all was said and done.

On the plus side, the show ended with Beckett summarily being fired for her second major transgression (after antagonizing the Secretary of Defense one too many times), when she dropped a dime on Svetlana in order to render her useless to the CIA and get her on the fast track to the Witness Protection Program. It was done anonymously, but it didn’t take the FBI long to figure it out and decide Beckett wasn’t exactly FBI material.

I kind of like this resolution, even if it was a bit contrived, because it allowed Beckett to go out on her own terms. She stayed true to herself and did what she thought was right every step of the way, just like she did when she was on the police force- only in the FBI, it just didn’t fly. That makes sense, and if it was done a bit compactly and rushed a bit, that’s only because I think the show-runners recognized that fans would resent the show turning into something else entirely, i.e. the DC experience.

I don’t read other people’s reviews until after I write my own, both with TV and movies, so whenever I diss something, I do have to wonder and worry a bit whether I’m in the minority about my feelings towards whatever I’m reviewing that week. It’s always nice to see that people essentially agree with me, even if it’s not always the case, but in this case, I think most everyone was a bit skeptical of the new direction “Castle” was taking, so I think they did the right thing in wrapping things up sooner than later.

So, all of that said, I think next week will be when things start to get back to normal in earnest. Beckett will no doubt get her job back soon enough, although she did get replaced by yet another new face, Detective Sullivan, so there’s still that to contend with before everything’s good to go. But by and large, it’s clear the show is going back to basics, and none too soon. If I’m being honest, these first few shows have left something to be desired, and it’s clear I’m not alone in this line of thinking.

What did you think of “Castle” this week? Glad things are getting back to normal? Do you think they will keep Sullivan around for a while, if not make him a regular? How will they handle Beckett’s firing? Will she be depressed or relieved? Will the NYCPD give her old position back? Let me know what you think in the comments section, and see you next week!