The Amazing Race Season 23 Review “Zip It, Bingo”

The Amazing Race continued it’s 23rd season with “Zip It, Bingo”, as the teams make their way from Iquique, Chile to the capital city Santiago. There was a lot of blood, salt and tears on the way, and overall this was a very exciting episode that ended in a surprisingly uncomfortable way.

The drama gets started pretty quick, when Marie gets all bossy and tells everyone to line up their backpacks outside of the first cluebox. On one hand, it does make sense that the people who get there first should be the first ones in. That’s just standard Race etiquette, right? It just goes without saying! So why didn’t they just sit their stuff down right in front of the gate for the boat? Why sit far away from the gate and get in everybody’s face when they get there? It’s just unnecessary antagonism. I realize I’m trying to understand the motivations and reasoning behind a person who’s clearly just a very unpleasant human being, but it bugs me nonetheless!

Anyway, this all didn’t amount to anything because everybody bum rushes onto the boat as soon as it opens, and then they all make their way to the entertaining detour. Usually the detours are split into two very different challenges, with one being more strategy/puzzle focused and one being more strength/endurance based. However, both of these required a lot of strength and endurance, but I was confused about the particulars of the “floating in the water” challenge. I mean, I’m pretty sure that I could float in a swimming pool and hold a newspaper out of the water to read it. Those cheerleaders were barely floating, and they weigh around 110 pounds! Maybe they had to take a minimum number of bags before they could even attempt floating, but it seemed a little ambiguous.

The Express Pass begging has already began, as Tim and Marie are now mulling over who they should bestow their extra pass to. It’s an interesting twist that the most hated team in the race is the one with the power to hand out this big advantage, so it will be interesting to see who they give it to. Does anyone know what the rules are considering their Express Pass? If they get eliminated before handing it out, do they get to leave it with someone? Does it just disappear forever? Do they have to give it out before a certain leg? I’m not sure.

The Afghanimals weren’t quite as annoying to me this time, but they made yet another boneheaded mistake. This time it only cost them the first place prize, and it wasn’t as big as their misreading of the challenge clue last week, but they really need to slow down if they’re going to make it any further in this race.

Meanwhile, Rowan and Shane fell victim to the “Overconfident taxi driver” pitfall that has claimed the life of so many contestants in the past, but that didn’t get them out! The bus that they thought would get them in hours ahead of the other teams ended up getting them there hours behind everybody else, but that didn’t get them out either! Nope, the cringe-inducing scenes of Rowan stealing some dude’s shoeshine cart was what got them out. I seriously can’t remember a misunderstanding on The Amazing Race ever going this far. We’ve had people in the past thought they were completing a challenge, when it wasn’t the official challenge, but I can’t remember anyone going this far. I was covering my eyes when Rowan got on his knees and started begging the poor man in the name of his mother and father. I could not handle it!

Next week on The Amazing Race, the teams continue to encounter difficult challenges and Marie continues to be a nagging shrew. What a shocker!

Random Thoughts:

– I loved Brandon telling Adam to “Kick ass, Seabass!” when they were getting ready to break apart those salt boulders. Anybody that makes a Dumb and Dumber reference is fine in my book. Also, Brandon patted Phil on the butt as he ran around the pit stop mat!

– I know it’s never happened in the past, but what safeguards does CBS have in place to keep these taxi drivers from just driving off with the teams? I mean, these wealthy looking Americans are riding in a rickety cab in some third world country with a very expensive looking HD camera

– There was a random dog on the street right next to the starting line, and then there was another one right next to the shoeshine challenge as well! Poor doggies!