Haven Season 4 Review “Lost and Found”

Haven Season 4 Episode 4 Lost and Found (3)

I’m pinch-hitting for Courtney this week, Haven fans, and we have a lot of ground to cover so I’m going to use subsections, cause I’m nerdy like that. (No worries, Courtney will be back next week and I have a feeling she’s going to have a big episode waiting to welcome her back.)

The Trouble of the Week

This week’s Trouble might have resonated more if it had been held back for later in the season, post-Barn, but it was still creepy, as folklore involving children is by default. A husband with infertility issues accidentally conjured up Douens to enchant children for his wife to take care of, including their own nephew. With Dwight and Nathan on the case, two fathers who feel they failed their children, this could have been a personal case for both men– however, the episode only mentioned the connection in passing instead of mining it for the quality angst that was there.

Dwight and Nathan managed to find the kids just in time to save them all from dying of hypothermia and Dwight got off an ill-timed quip when he told the wife that her husband was ready to talk about adoption roughly two seconds after she got her faculties back post-Douen enchantment. (One more thing: those Douens were scary already, but if they had been given the backwards feet of the traditional Douen it would taken them to a whole new level of terror.)

Jordan’s Creeping

This week in Jordan’s creeping, she stalks Nathan to the crime scene where she would rather allow The Guard to search for missing kids, while Nathan twiddles his thumbs and awaits Audrey’s arrival so that she can shoot him. To quote Rory Gilmore, “God, you’re like a pop-up book from hell!” Just to be clear, I’m not entirely unsympathetic to her plight. She has to go through life never feeling another human’s touch and the man who she could touch played her for information. In her head, I’m sure her actions are rational, but from a viewer’s point of view her constant scene-bombing is as annoying as real life photo-bombing.

At least her discussion with Nathan by the van alluded to their history and allowed Jordan to let her guard down for a moment. (Pun intended.) However, by the episode’s end her desire, and the rest of The Guard’s desire to see Nathan put down like an ailing dog for the greater good was disturbing. Just as disturbing as their hatred of the Crockers. Seriously, these people say they value life, but they’re awfully quick to offer people up for sacrifice.

Jennifer and Duke’s Yoga Class

Haven has a long history of killing off female characters I like (or disappearing them): Real!Audrey, Evi, Claire…so I feel like I should keep my guard up around Jennifer. Surely, she’ll be dead by season’s end, right? But she’s just so lovable. As she began to hear more from the barn, Duke did what Duke does best and distracted her with fun, games and his extremely muscular arms. He tried to teach her Yoga, but Jennifer proved to be surprisingly uncoordinated. Her most comfortable position? Legs spread out like she’s five– I would totally be best friends with this girl. Then he moved onto Quarters which was far more relaxing and allowed Jennifer to eavesdrop on the Barn conversation with ease.

This is where things got interesting; Jennifer not only heard that there were two doors adjoining the worlds separated by the Barn, but she also heard that Audrey had to open her door on her end, while Jennifer had to open the door in Haven. The question we need to be asking ourselves is why is Jennifer in particular connected to Audrey? It’s not just that Jennifer could hear Audrey/Lexie’s conversation with William because Audrey could also hear Jennifer with Duke, making their connection a two-way deal.

Vince and Dave Get Weirder

Our irascible odd couple finally seemed back to normal this week with Vince assisting Nathan and Dwight with the case of the missing children, but when Dave heard about the door he flipped out. He went to The Room (which, help me out here, guys, have we heard of The Room before?) and procured a journal that suggested that opening those two doors could let a whole lot more into Haven besides Audrey. Could our good friend William be a nefarious creature from the other side? Could we be getting closer to finding out the origins of The Troubles?

We might just find out soon since Jordan used her human Taser trick to put down Dave before he could stop Jennifer from opening the door.

The Reunion

Yep, that’s right, the moment we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived. Audrey/Lexie took William’s advice and made a leap of faith, crossing the barrier between the two worlds and returning to Haven. Before she left though, she asked William a crucial question: “Who will I be?” His answer was, “Whoever you want to be most.”

Her return created a shock wave that knocked everyone out briefly, but the moment they re-awoke, Nathan scrambled to Audrey’s side. The look on his face was pure wonder, but he almost immediately put a gun in her hand and pointed it at his chest, insisting that she shoot him. Then they kissed and it was glorious. He told her she had to kill him, but when he pulled away she asked him why she would kill someone she didn’t know.

That’s right, guys. Audrey is still Lexi, which begs the question why couldn’t she let go of Lexi? What is it about this particular persona that she wants to hold onto? My theory is that we’ve got ourselves a true love switcheroo. Lexie is a bartender, Duke owns a bar, he went in after her…I love Audrey and Nathan, but I’ve got a sinking feeling this story is about to take another twist.

Got a different theory? Share it in the comments.

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