The 4 Most Promising Potential The Bridge Season 2 Storylines

The saga of David Tate and his crazy person agenda is almost over. Gus is dead, Tate is behind bars on American soil– the only string left to be tied is getting Marco to come to his senses and stop his deal with Fausto. I appreciate what the Tate story stood for; it was a gateway into these two worlds that was personal for many of our key players, particularly Marco and Daniel. It was a solid introduction, but as the final two episodes of the season demonstrated, we don’t need our hands to be held anymore.

With our two key partnerships firmly established in Marco/Sonya and Daniel/Adriana, we’re ready to face the dicey political implications of illegal immigration, police corruption and drug smuggling. It’s not going to be pretty, but I have a feeling it will make The Bridge a more distinctive, well-rounded series.

Below are the four storylines I’m most looking forward to in season two.

Daniel, Adriana and the Euros

Was it awfully fortuitous for Daniel and Adriana to head out to cover a softball story and come back with a whale? Yes. Will it be worth hand-waving that good fortune if it means more time spent with our dynamic journalist duo? Also yes. The story has the potential to expand the series’ world even more by adding Europe into the mix. The implication of the Euros is that it’s not just Mexico and America being hurt by the dealers, but Europe as well. And the fact that the person stockpiling the money believes he could buy Daniel and Adriana off points toward another dangerous year for our favorite intrepid reporters.

(Side note: Dear FX, seriously promote Matthew Lillard to a series regular. Lock him down with a contract. The man gave one of the year’s best performances. You don’t need to let him get wooed away by Scooby Doo 3, is all I’m saying.)

The Lost Girls of Juarez

All year, the lost girls of Juarez have drifted in and out of the story, but at long last they seem to be taking center stage. The exploration of their disappearance should take Sonya and Marco deep into the heart of Juarez to face both the pain of the families of the forgotten and the deep corruption running through the supposed police force.

Now that Marco and Sonya’s partnership is rooted in true trust and friendship, watching them work this case together will be all the more rewarding, plus it will surely draw Adriana in as well since her sister is one of the missing. I have a feeling the story will be difficult to watch, just as everything involving Eva was difficult to handle this season, but this is the story The Bridge needs to tell.

The Tunnel

Oh, Charlotte. I’ll give her this, she has gained agency over the course of season one, but she is still moving in the wrong direction. Facilitating the movement of drugs across the border? It’s a despicable action. (And no, I wasn’t a Walter White fan either.) Still, season one left her in a position where she may be forced to play both sides of the fence as she works for Fausto and reports back to the FBI. Either way, this won’t end well for Charlotte, but at least it places her and the ranch in a significant, relevant position for a change.

Watching The Writers Find a Reason to Keep Linder Around

Linder’s story feels extraneous to the plot, but he does have a personal reason to be invested in the missing girls since he lost his sister to Juarez (a tragedy that will no doubt bond him to Sonya). I’m not sure how exactly he will naturally fit into season two, but no one wants to see Thomas M. Wright go, right?

Things just wouldn’t be the same without his creeptastic, yet endearing performance.


Those are the four stories I’m most looking forward to seeing play out in season two. What about you guys? Were you happy with the way the final two episodes set up what’s ahead? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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