Peaky Blinders Series 1 Episode 4 (BBC2) Review


The Blinders’ list of enemies is getting longer every week, and in episode four of Peaky Blinders, we seem to be gearing up for an epic showdown faster than ever. We can safely assume that this tangled web of rivalries will be cut through with one, violent final episode, but there’s still two whole weeks to wait for that moment.

The last two weeks have focused quite heavily on Grace and her relationship with both Tommy and Campbell, but she takes a relative back seat in this fourth episode. There are still some interesting developments, however, and we’re left wondering how clueless Tommy really is about her deception. He invites her to be his personal secretary, which she’s quite chuffed with, but then he also catches her out in a pretty significant lie. She isn’t catholic as she attests, and if he’s clever enough to expose this deception that how long is it until everything else comes to light?

Otherwise, Campbell’s efforts to bring order take an even darker turn. Not only is he willing to threaten Tommy with the murder and punishment of his entire family if he doesn’t give up the location of the guns, but there’s also the gruesome off-screen torture of Stanley Chapman. As well as Freddie and the Lee family, it’s useful for the show to make Campbell a legitimate threat for Tommy and his family, even if it does shift audience favour over to one side a little too much. There can be no doubt anymore which of the men the writers want us to root for in the end.

The rivalry between the Blinders’ and the Lee family seems to have, for now, been resolved however. After John announces his plans to marry a prostitute to provide a mother to his children, Freddie manipulates her into a betrayal and offers up one of the Lee daughters, instead. It’s a good job she’s a looker, because refusing the union might have caused more trouble than it was worth. Next week will most likely focus instead on the problems caused by Freddie’s incarceration following the birth of his and Ada’s son. Did Tommy set him up? We’ll find out.

Peaky Blinders airs on BBC2 in the UK.