Parenthood Season 5 “All Aboard Who’s Coming Aboard” Review

Previously on Parenthood . . .
the Braverman family was getting off to an exciting start of this season. Kristina is running for mayor, Max is developing an interest in taking pictures of subjects other than bugs, Jasmine and Crosby welcomed their daughter Aida to the family, Joel continues to thrive professionally, and oh yeah, Amber and Ryan got engaged!

With change comes adjustment and that’s where we found many of our favorite characters last night. Jabbar was adjusting to being a big brother and growing comfortable sharing his parent’s attention with his little sister. Meanwhile, Jasmine and Crosby were adjusting to a sleep deprived life. Although things got even worse as the family tried the brave feat of dining out with Aida, it was totally worth the jam session with Crosby and Jabbar at the Lunchonette. I love the bonding moments between those two.

Over at Kristina and Adam’s, not everyone is optimistic about Kristina’s chances of winning. During a tough vetting session with Heather, Adam revealed that he didn’t think that Kristina could win. I can’t believe Adam doesn’t have more optimism after Max’s inspiring “bring back the vending machines” campaign. I’m not even being sarcastic, it was really uplifting to watch Max flourish.

I don’t know about that Heather. Perhaps she could have given Adam a little more time to get used to the idea of Kristina running for mayor before sharing with her boss that her husband doesn’t think she stands a chance of winning. After everything Kristina and Adam went through last season, they should be strong enough to deal with the challenges of a mayoral campaign.

Speaking of new people, I’m not sure how I feel about Julia’s new friend and fellow school parent, Ed. Ed seems like a nice guy and clearly has a lot in common with Julia, but all signs are pointing to trouble for he marriage with Joel. I’m sure many Parenthood viewers suspect that someone might get in the way of Joel and Julia’s marriage based on events in the last two episodes. We’ll have to wait and see if it will be Ed or Joel’s new colleague.

Moving on to happier couples, Amber and Ryan revealed their engagement to the rest of the family and did not disappoint. Ryan may as well just change his last name to Braverman. As suspected, Sarah was shocked by the news and has some doubts. It was a pleasant surprise to see the normally conservative Adam stand up for Ryan and caution Sarah about pushing Amber away with questions about the engagement. I’m glad Sarah took her brother’s advice and decided to celebrate the occasion with bridal magazines and drinks.

Closing the episode with Kristina’s campaign announcement was a great moment as it provided the perfect balance of hope and anxiety about the future. Let’s hope that Adam will let go of his reservations or at least do better at pretending like he has. That face at the end – geesh! What did you think of this week’s episode of Parenthood? Sound off below!