‘Lucky 7’ Cancelled by ABC

Lucky 7 Episode 2 Inside Job (7)

And we have our first casualty of the Fall season, ladies and gentlemen: ABC has officially axed Lucky 7 after two episodes. (Insert witty joke about their luck running out here.)

Deadline reports the ensemble series about a group of lottery winners was performing dismally on Tuesday nights, pulling a mere 0.7% of adults in the coveted 18-49 demographic. Scandal repeats will now fill the empty Tuesday’s at 10PM timeslot– which is a safe bet given that Scandal‘s ratings are continuing to climb.

ABC has not yet announced plans to stop production on Lucky 7 or to burn-off the remaining episodes, although if they do, expect the series to reappear where all cancelled shows go to live out their final days: summer.

Will you miss Lucky 7 or are you already asking yourself Lucky what?