‘Haven’ Season 4: Who Is Your Favorite Version of “Audrey”?

The more we learn about the barn that…I’m only hypothesizing here…assigns the woman who we know best as Audrey with a new personality every 27 years, the more curious I’ve become about who “Audrey” is at her core. While aspects of her personality change, certain things about our mystery woman remain the same– she always helps the troubled and seems to be deeply empathetic.

We’ve met four versions of her now though, and I’m curious. Which “Audrey” do you like the best?

Original Flavor Audrey

The first version of the character we ever met was Audrey Parker, an FBI agent with a troubled childhood and a knack for helping out The Troubled. She’s tough, resilient, deeply curious and apparently extremely easy to fall in love with. Both Duke and Nathan carry a torch for Audrey, and she was also briefly in a relationship with Jason Priestley.

Our Audrey has a bit of a sense of humor (a sly one at that), but she’s often stoic and compassionate when working Haven’s crazy cases. When she met the real Audrey Parker, the duo were remarkably similar, begging the question of how much of Audrey is real and how much of her personality is simply borrowed from someone else?


Haven Season 4 Episode 2 Survivors (1)

Lexi is the newest identity, although the most recent episode hinted that she wasn’t fully formed. She’s sexier than Audrey, quicker with a quip and in search of the love of a good man. Sadly, she’s also stuck in a supernatural barn that is collapsing around her. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Lexi, the waitress with a heart of gold, but William keeps insisting she has to remember who she really is.

The question is does he mean Audrey? Or her truest identity, whoever that person may be? In the meantime, I’m voting for Audrey to keep Lexi’s hairstyle even if she looses her ability to mix drinks (and her nose ring).


Lucy appeared in 1983 and is the first version of “Audrey” that Duke ever met. Like Audrey who came after her, Lucy spent time digging into her past and as far as we know discovered that James Cogan was her son. We don’t know much about her, beyond the fact that she was a fighter and possessed stellar research skills. She was the first version we know of who refused to go into the barn…until she learned what the alternative was: killing the person she loved the most.

She was smart enough to seek shelter with the true Lucy, who carried her doppelganger’s secret with her for years, and also possessed a ruthless streak that Audrey has shared at times (leaving Duke to kill the man in the forest to end The Troubles for the man’s family for good). She once trapped Holloway inside his home (as his home) to stop him from hurting anyone else too. Clearly, Lucy wasn’t someone to trifle with.


Sarah is hands down the happiest version of the character we’ve met to date. She also had the coolest hair (next to Lexi’s of course). When Sarah arrived in Haven in 1955, she was a nurse and almost immediately fell for a time-traveling Nathan. We don’t know much about her aside from the fact that she was kind, lighthearted and surprisingly willing to sleep with a man she just met on a beach considering the fact that she was from the ’50s.

But hey, maybe we can just add progressive to her list of good qualities?


While I care the most about Audrey, if I were forced to pick a favorite, I’m awfully fond of Sarah. Her lightness was infectious and so different from the versions that would follow that it makes her stand out in the crowd…of four. Which identity is your favorite? And do you think Lexi or Audrey will be the character to reemerge in Haven this time around?

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