Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 “Everybody’s Crying Mercy” Review

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 3 Everybody's Crying Mercy (9)
As usual, there was lots of drama of the personal and professional variety in last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. In a nutshell:

– April passed her boards;

– Alex and Joe finally sealed the deal;

– Christina and Owen decided the only way to deal with their breakup is to start seeing other people; and

– Callie refused to attend a couples therapy session with Arizona, despite the latter’s efforts to sweeten the deal with a new haircut and snazzy red dress.

Despite all of that excitement, tension and a two-timing dead patient, the most shocking revelations of the episode were all about the convalescing Dr. Richard Webber. Just a week ago, we watched as the doctors rallied to save him and as a viewer, it was a huge relief to learn that he somehow managed to survive his storm-related near death experience.

This week, Richard was slowly but surely on the mend. I thought that saving Richard would give Bailey a much-needed confidence boost. Nope. Not so much. Instead, she’s continuing to be timid and reserved in her treatment approach. It is completely understandable that one would have serious reservations when making any decision regarding the care of someone close to them. However, Bailey is stronger than the doctor we saw last night. I need Bailey at 100% assertiveness and confidence, asap!

Thankfully, Meredith would not allow sleep deprivation to keep her from pushing Bailey to be more aggressive in her treatment of Richard. It’s nice to see Meredith struggling because she’s a new mother with mismatched shoes and vomit in her hair and not because she’s going through some sort of dark, twisted emo moment. I also loved the look on Derek’s equally sleep deprived face as he came to the hospital trying to figure out where his wife and son were.

Not to be outdone, Shane actually had a pretty good moment this week. I honestly thought he would be somewhere on suicide watch, so it was good to see him take his guilt and use it to strengthen his resolve to see Richard get better. I thought things were looking up once Shane inserted the feeding tube, but Richard managed to thwart all momentum with just a few, harsh, cruel words to Meredith.

According to Richard, he did not choose Meredith because she was family, he chose her because he thought she’d be emotionally detached enough to make the hard call and let him die. Damn, Richard. Why must you be so cold? Honestly, I’m not sold. I think this is just him lashing out as he accepts the long road to recovery ahead of him. And nothing he could say would ever convince me that he doesn’t see Meredith as a daughter. Whatever man.

I hope we move past angry Richard soon. I’m still exhausted from Arizona’s anger towards Callie last season over the amputation decision. Do we really need to go through this storyline again? Let’s hope Shonda will spare us.

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