Nashville Season 2 Episode 2 Review “Never No More”

Nashville Season 2 Episode 2 Never No More (15)

I wasn’t completely sold on last week’s return for Nashville, but now that we’re back in the swing of things and Rayna’s no longer at death’s door, I’ve settled in and re-acclimatised to the show’s innate craziness. Two weeks have passed by since we left – Rayna’s back home playing happy families with Teddy and her girls, Deacon’s throwing a pity party for one, and Scarlett suddenly got some gumption from somewhere. It’s about time, too.

Beginning with Deacon’s tantrum, he really isn’t taking his brief relapse lightly. It doesn’t seem as if he’s still drinking, having presumably sobered up in prison, but he is refusing to do physical therapy on his hand. Something tells me that a part of him wants his music career to be over – it’d be easier to go on without the thought of reuniting with Rayna and their hot mess of a relationship ever again. Scarlett’s not having it, however, and I enjoyed her standing up to Deacon immensely. She was such a weak character throughout season one, and now we finally have someone to root for.

Deacon and Rayna do meet up in this second episode, but it’s not a happy reunion. Everything Rayna said about staying apart from each other was sensible, but I just wish these two would talk about the things that are actually keeping them from living happily ever after. The fact that Rayna refrained from telling Deacon that he had a daughter is what got them to this stage, and even now they’re not discussing it. If ever a couple needed to have a good screaming match, it was these two. Teddy seems to be permanently out of the picture romantically, so maybe we’re just going to have to watch them dance around each other for another year.

The music industry plot threads are getting more interesting, it seems, as a new record executive comes on the scene to shake things up. Within one episode, he’s poached Will from Rayna, undermined Juliette with a hot new tween starlet, and pushed Rayna into considering forming her own label to compete with him. That’s good going! I wouldn’t want to go up against Juliette, however, as her shrewd business head took her back to the trailer park she grew up in to film a crass documentary. Rayna’s not the only one who can have a sob story – Juliette has ready-made trauma to flaunt for record sales.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think there’s romance blossoming between Gunnar and Zoey friend? Or Juliette and Avery? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.