Survivor: Blood vs. Water Review “Opening Pandora’s Box”

WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! You guys have no idea how happy I am right now! I didn’t think it would really happen, but it actually did!

Survivor returned with quite an eventful episode with “Opening Pandora’s Box”, and we didn’t waste any time before getting to all of the ridiculous Colton drama!

He starts off the episode by showing his complete social incompetence by abruptly changing the subject from cupcake belt buckles to who’s going to sit out the immunity challenge. I don’t remember him being this open about strategy back on “One World”. I remember him chatting with the girls and talking crap to Bill, but I don’t recall him being so deadset on talking game all day long.

Then we get to the Dual, where all of the craziness really went down. When we saw the teaser scenes from last week that made it sound like Colton might be quitting, I just didn’t want to get my hopes up that it could actually be true. I mean, he wouldn’t quit only 3 episodes in, right? Surely even Colton would have enough sportsmanlike conduct to stick it out a little longer. He couldn’t possibly be so selfish that he would leave his tribe with one less member, right? Well, it turns out I was giving Colton too much credit, which I didn’t think was physically possible. He decides to quit the game for a second time, but not without being raked over the coals by Jeff first.

Speaking of which, I have never loved Jeff Probst more. How great was he when he was tearing Colton apart? Jeff called him a quitter, called him selfish, and didn’t even allow him to burn his buff because that right is reserved for “people who compete”. Oh, and he actually revealed that Colton’s injury from One World was a phony, which was incredible. Colton didn’t even do anything by way of defending himself, except for hopping into his fiance’s lap for comfort. I know this isn’t entirely fair, but Colton being such a piece of garbage really reflects poorly on Caleb. Surely you can do better, dude. Hopefully Colton’s behavior in this game was enough to wake him up to the truth.

Anyway, thankfully that’s the last time I need to mention Colton for this sesaon, and hopefully forever. In other news, Rachel was sent home after graciously electing to stay at Redemption Island. While it was nice of her to say that she wants Tyson to be at his tribe, you can’t help but feel a little upset that Tyson is there for his third time, and meanwhile she’s being sent home second.

Tyson’s crappy day didn’t stop there, as he also dislocates his shoulder at the immunity challenge. When Tandang loses this challenge yet again, they made it sound like they were possibly voting out Brad, but they went with the simple choice instead. I was surprised how strongly Brad distrusted John considering John shared the immunity clue with him. Hopefully the rest of his tribe wakes up to the fact that Brad really is being a tyrant, and he can go to Redemption with all of the other players he sent there.

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Random Thoughts:

– Ramona was back yet again, as she came out into the water to check Tyson’s shoulder. I wonder if any of the team members say hi to her behind the scenes. Like I wonder if Colton ever saw her and said “Hey, you’re the one who helped me when I was faking my sickness!”

– Did Brandon mention “Opening Pandora’s Box” in reference to the actual mythical box of legend? Or was he referring to the stupid Pandora’s Box hook from Big Brother, of which he was a contestant and winner?

– Did anybody else notice the camera perched in the tree when John was walking away from Tribal? It really pulled me out of the moment.