Revolution Season 2 Review “There Will Be Blood”

Revolution Season 2 Episode 2 There Will Be Blood (2)

In what felt like the second half of the season premiere, “There Will Be Blood” continued to develop the idea that this is going to be a much darker year for Revolution. Even the episode’s title suggests a grim outlook on coming events. For all the dark moments, though, this was another solid episode of the series, showing that the show is making the most out of its renewal to create a new, more cohesive identity.

Back on the east coast, Tom is starting to plot against the newly-arrived Patriots, with his first order of business being to gain his trust. Of course, he does so in his standard, manipulative way, tricking a rebel into trying to kill the Secretary. He offers to help with security in the survivor camp, so it seems like it’ll be a while before he makes any kind of major play. That said, I’m alright with the idea of decompressed storytelling, as it’ll allow us to get a better idea of all the new players that have arrived this season.

At this point, the new villain Titus seems like a direct answer to problems some people had with Monroe last season. Whereas Monroe oscillated between rational and too far gone, Titus is an outright psychopath, with even his time before the blackout involving some twisted illegal activities. Also, his willingness to take a mallet to Miles’ hand shows Titus won’t be treating him with the same love and tenderness Monroe had a tendency to.

The other storylines moved a bit slower this week, which seems like a necessary evil given that pretty much every character is now off on their own. Charlie’s hunt for Monroe led to her being captured and eventually released by a pair of hunters that had been tracking Monroe for months. Other than a small scene between Charlie and Monroe, the main focus seems to be giving Charlie a new travelling partner, as Monroe kills one of the two hunters before making good his escape. Much like last week, I’m left with little to comment on until this thread really gets going.

As for Aaron, as might’ve been predicted, his coming back from the dead is having some unfortunate side effects, such as seeing a hallucination of Ben. Surprisingly, his resurrection wasn’t treated as that big a deal, except by Cynthia, who declared it a miracle. Hopefully, his telling her about the blackout will nip any religion vs. science discussions in the bud, as that seemed to be the road the show was about to head down.

Finally, a brief flashback revealed more of what happened the night bombs dropped. It’s still not entirely clear, but it seems that due to a system error, the power shut off, but only after the bombs hit and the entire tower system short-circuited. It’s a logical explanation, but I’d like for someone to actually say that’s what happened at some point, just so we can be sure.

Revolution will occasionally make pop culture references, and these often make for some of the show’s better laughs. Here, the Walker Texas Ranger reference was a lot of fun, while also showing how modern fiction has become a new mythology after the blackout. The same can be said for Aaron telling the story of Ghostbusters to a group of kids. Overall, some enjoyable moments this week, ones that helped keep the episode from being too depressing.

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