‘Revenge’ Season 3: Who Pulled the Trigger?

Revenge - TVE

As any fan of the TV soap Revenge knows, based on the trailer that had been airing on ABC in the weeks leading up to Sunday night’s season premiere, Emily Thorne (nee Amanda Clarke) [series lead Emily VanCamp] was seen in a wedding dress on an elaborate yacht. Seconds later, though, she is shot in the gut twice, seemingly falling to her death in the water beneath.

But in true ‘Revenge’ style, our story picks up two months earlier as Emily is gearing up for the annual Memorial Day celebration – typically orchestrated by the one and only Victoria Grayson (series lead Madeline Stowe) who, it seems, is MIA from The Hamptons; and since Emily is nearly a Grayson herself – yes, she and Daniel are still engaged – she is stepping in to take over the reins.

That isn’t all of the story behind this jam-packed season premiere, however, as Nolan (series regular Gabriel Mann) is just getting out of jail. It would seem he had a fail-safe buried deep within Carrion (that computer program that became the bane of existence for the show’s second season) that was able to clear him of all the charges that landed him in federal prison to begin with. And [thank you new series showrunner Sunil Nayar!] any mention of Carrion and the Initiative are FINALLY over as Emily and Nolan both agree just outside the prison walls that those days are far behind them.

Among some of the other big revelations contained within this episode were:

• Victoria has been gone from the Grayson mansion for six months, spending time with a “new lover”, who actually turns out to be her long-lost-given-up-at-birth son Patrick (guest star Justin Hartley);

• Jack (series regular Nick Wechsler) closed up the Stowaway Tavern, high-tailing it out of The Hamptons with little Carl in tow, only to return just before the Memorial Day weekend, explaining to Emily that he was introducing Carl to his extended family;

NOTE: We need to stop right here for a minute to do a fangirl squee that Jack finally kissed Emily (and it was HOT!) only to have him tell her that he doesn’t feel anything for her – SAY WHAT?!

• Charlotte (series regular Christa B. Allen) has gone through the ringer with not only losing her young love Declan (former series regular Connor Paolo) in last season’s finale but also the love child they were to have; but as a consolation prize (of sorts), she graduated high school early and spent time in Europe;

• Ashley (departing series regular Ashley Madekwe), in a desperate attempt to hold onto any claim to fame and fortune through the Grayson family, threatened Emily (wrong move, girlie!), which backfired on her because Victoria and Emily teamed up (yep, they worked together on this little “Revenge-detta”) to get Ashley out of The Hamptons once and for all;

• Conrad (series regular Henry Czerny) is letting politics go to his head as the newly appointed Governor, as he has designs on building his political hold to even higher offices; but Emily gets the better of him, by drugging him at the grand Memorial Day celebration that included the unveiling of a portrait him (remember the words “Arctic Pools” folks when looking at Conrad’s eyes, really?!) and then, even better, changing the diagnosis of his health scare to his having Huntington’s disease; and,

• At the end, finding Aiden (series regular Barry Sloane) appears on the balcony of Grayson Manor, aiming to work with Victoria to bring down Emily.

Needless to say, it would seem that ‘Revenge’ is back in true red sharpie, season one “get revenge at all costs style” and the viewers are going to be in for one hell of a ride. But the question still remains – and will remain until at least mid-season – who pulled the trigger on Emily, and more importantly, why?

Make sure to tune in to the next new episode of the third season of ‘Revenge’ this coming Sunday, October 6 at 9/8c on ABC.