Lucky 7 Season 1 Review “Inside Job”

Lucky 7 Episode 2 Inside Job (4)

This week’s episode of Lucky 7, “Inside Job,” showed the Gold Star group beginning to deal with the onslaught of fame and notoriety that come with their big lottery victory. Unfortunately, this meant a lot of tired scenes and slow plot progression, making for a much weaker episode than last week’s premiere.

Before anything else, I feel it’s necessary to discuss the cold open, which was just a major failure all around. I get the desire to inject a bit of fun into the first moment of the episode, but it didn’t work because of the logical failings that went into the scene. For one, I have to wonder why the lottery commission wouldn’t just take the ticket when the representative first arrived, or at least at some point before the big press conference. More questionable, though, was the group’s decision to ransack the store. Did they really think Denise would hide the ticket out in the store, where anyone could find it? I’m fine with comedy, but only when it makes sense in context.

The cold open was pretty indicative of the humor on the whole this episode. Most of the lighter parts of the episode felt lazy and uninspired. Honestly, did I just watch a “shopping for clothes” montage in 2013? Again, I understand they were trying to show the ladies enjoying themselves with their new-found wealth, but I have to imagine there was a more creative, less stereotypical way to do it.

On the dramatic front, things were a little stronger, though the storylines were still standard fare. Antonio comforting his son was a solid scene, but not anything we haven’t seen before on countless other dramas. Things veered into melodrama at the end, with Antonio’s news segment helping restore his son’s faith in the family name. This bit felt pretty artificial, especially since the only interaction we’d seen between Antonio and the film crew involved him telling them to leave him alone.

Equally familiar is the good girl going on a rebellious fling with the bad boy against her father’s wishes. It helped that Samira’s one of the more likable characters, though, and she got a quick, but powerful lesson in just how dangerous a life Nicky leads. Also, bonus points for the frantic cuts that helped punch up the club scene.

Meanwhile, the cops continued to put the pressure on Matt, trying to trick him into lying with a rigged line-up. Given that we know Matt will be involved in a police chase later this season, it wasn’t a surprise that the detective had already figured out the true culprits behind the robbery. At this point, I’m still not sure who to cheer for, as Matt’s conscience has been rather inconsistent. He’s guilty over Bob’s injury and the robbery in general, but he’s yet to do anything to make up for it. He’s a wishy-washy character, and it would help to see him take a more active role in the coming weeks.

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