Bones Season 9 Review “El Carnicero en el Coche” – Sweets Steps Up

Bones Season 9 Episode 3 El Carnicero en el Coche (The Butcher In The Car) 7

In this episode of Bones, called “El Carnicero en el Coche” (which translates to “The Butcher In The Car”), Booth pulls Sweets back from his self-exploration to help with a case involving a local gang.

I remember doing a review last season where I declared my love for Sweets and was promptly told to bugger off by a good portion of the fandom. It seemed back then that not as many people fancied him as much as I did and I’m curious to see if that opinion has changed. Yes, I’m fully aware that this show is, first and foremost, about Booth and Brennan. But I also love all of the secondary characters and I always enjoy it when one or more of them gets a shot in the spotlight.

In this episode, we took a short break from the heaviness of the Pelant storyline, the delicate balance that Booth and Brennan have going on right now (with him still keeping his secret and her not knowing why, but accepting it) and the awkwardness of Angela’s anger towards Booth. For one episode it seemed that all of that went away and everyone went back to working together like they always did.

As the episode began, Sweets had been away for the team for a couple weeks and had been helping out at a community center in a neighborhood being controlled by a gang. When their case led them to the gang, Booth asked Sweets for his help and I loved the fact that, though he did agree to help, Sweets fought to do things his way. He knew the people of that neighborhood better than anyone else and he wasn’t about to let Booth tell him otherwise. As Caroline said, Sweets definitely grew some cajones and I liked it. I thought the moment where he got Javier to talk was fantastic and I wanted to cheer when everyone on the other side of the glass showed their shock that he actually pulled it off.

In the end, Sweets decided that he needed more time away and it was Booth who told him that he needed to take responsibility for what he had done. Even though no one blamed him for what happened with Pelant, Booth and Brennan both knew that Sweets blamed himself and until he comes to terms with that, he won’t be able to move forward. I really hope that Sweets gets the chance to do that. Perhaps he’ll get even get the opportunity to stand up to Pelant, which I think would be a perfect way to move on.

Whatever happens with Sweets, I also hope that he continues to do work that makes him happy. As Brennan said, he has a gift that is very useful to them, but he also clearly has a purpose to help people like Javier. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he can find a way to do both because I want him back as soon as possible.

My favorite bits..

Booth scaring Sweets by driving up out of nowhere.

“It’s okay, I wasn’t fishing for a hug.” Booth

Booth understanding exactly why Sweets needed the time away and then asking if he could call on him if he needed help with a case.

The matching looks of horror on Brennan and Hodgins’ faces when the car started falling apart.

Angela calmly announcing that she would get her restoration kit after Hodgins tried, and failed to get a rubbing of the VIN number.

“You’re gonna tell me there’s not other way to remove evidence from the car?”

Wendell referring to Hodgins as “Peter Pan.”

Hodgins informing Cam that the harness was “smooshing the goods.” Ouch.

“Around here, I call the shots.”
“That’s not a good word to use around here: ‘shots.'”

Caroline telling Sweets that the FBI was a brighter place with him there, and immediately taking it back when she found out Sweets wasn’t staying.

“Sweets grew himself some cajones.”

“Your Spanish sucks.”
“I know.”

Booth pulling his gun on the little boy. Wow.

“That’s not even kind of funny, okay? I’d like to have more kids.”

Booth pointing out that in the Rangers he learned that you had to confront what you did or it would follow you and own you. Wow, interesting.

Booth pulling Sweets down just before they got shot at. Holy cow!

“You were shot at.”
“I get at shot at my whole life.”

Brennan pointing out that Booth should’ve taken one minute to let her know that he’d been shot at.

“From now on, whoever gets shot at has to tell the other one right away.”
“Okay. Unless one of us is already dead.”

“Let’s just give Sweets a break, okay? He’s trying to make a difference.” – Aw.

Booth apologizing to Brennan and then adding puppy dog eyes until she relented a little.

Giggling every time Hodgins appeared in that harness.

“It is so much worse when they have a face.”
(Cam pulls out the brain)
“Okay, I take that back. That is definitely worse.”

Being right there with Angela as Cam was pulling the brain apart. I literally had to turn the volume down on my TV due to the squishy noises making me sick to my stomach. I think that might be the first time the show made me ill from sound effects.

Brennan telling Sweets that it meant a lot to Booth that he came back to help, and that no one blamed him for what happened with Pelant.

Sweets fighting to get the chance to talk to the little boy.

“So your ego is more important than catching a killer?”

Sweets standing up to Booth so he could get in the interrogation room alone. Wow. Cajones indeed.

Brennan actually agreeing with Sweets.

“My Spanish might suck, but it’s good enough to understand that.”

Sweets getting Javier to talk. Wow. Just. wow.

“I did it for you, Mama.” – And there went my heart into a bunch of little pieces.

That… woman telling her own son that he meant nothing to her. Un. Believe. Able.

The entire scene as Javier made the call and the team tracked the call. Man, that was inTENSE.

Everyone hanging out at the bar to celebrate the case. So cool.

“You’re one of the Avengers man, we need you.”

“Here’s to Sweets, my little brother who I never wanted but I’m glad that I have.” – OMG the epic-ness of the bromance in this episode is going to kill me.

Sweets saying he still had more to do. Noooooooo.

Everyone looking on sadly as Sweets walked out the door.

Next week’s preview. That is all.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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