Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Review “For the Triumph of Evil”

If that’s the Sandman, I certainly don’t want him bringing me any dreams. The idea of the evil Sandman has always creeped me out. Probably because sleep is something that, no matter how you try, you cannot avoid. That’s why this episode of Sleepy Hollow was much more spooky to me than those that have come before.

This iteration of the Sandman seemed to function more like the Egyptian god Osiris than anything else. Much like Osiris, this Sandman weighed the conscience of the individual and killed those who it determined failed to do right by their fellow man. The Sandman was actually a demon and it came after Abbie because she lied about what she saw in the woods when she was a child. Actually, it came after her because Abbie’s lie meant that she had turned her back on her sister Jenny at a most crucial time. Two other people, Jenny’s psychiatrist and the farmer who found Abbie and Jenny in the woods, also knew that Jenny was telling the truth but they lied to protect themselves. Thus, the demon found them guilty and their sentence was death. After Abbie and Ichabod figured out what was after her, they sought help from a Native American shaman (who was a used car salesman/hustler) to figure out how to defeat the demon. After a bit of prodding from Ichabod, the shaman agreed to help them. There was some very nasty looking green tea and a couple of scorpions involved, but Ichabod and Abbie were ultimately able to destroy the demon.

A couple of very important things were accomplished with this episode. First, Abbie was able to confront one of the major demons of her past. Abbie has spent most of her life trying to pretend that what happened in the woods all those years ago didn’t actually happen. It’s not just because she doesn’t want people to think that she’s crazy. It’s also because she feels guilty about abandoning her sister in her time of need. I don’t know that she ever admitted that to herself let alone anyone else. Whoever (or whatever) sent the demon after Abbie forced her to confront all of that guilt and pain. Abbie’s relationship with Jenny has suffered because of that lie, and it now seems that Abbie is willing to try to reach out to Jenny. I’m not certain Jenny is quite ready to listen, but it at least seems that Abbie is going to try. I’m not saying that Abbie has resolved all of her issues because she hasn’t. Not even close. But she’s gone a long way down that road.

Second, we got a good look at the kind of man Ichabod is. The more time we spend with Ichabod, the more I like him. Ichabod was genuinely concerned for Abbie. It wasn’t just that she’s helping him figure out how to stop the Apocalypse. It’s not just that she’s part of the reason he’s no longer locked up in the looney bin. It’s that Abbie is Ichabod’s friend. The show hasn’t really given us a way to measure how much time has passed since Abbie and Ichabod first met, but I’m assuming it hasn’t been more than a few weeks. Even in that short about of time, Ichabod has come to care for Abbie and she’s starting to let herself care for him too. When Ichabod realized that Abbie could possibly be killed when she went into the dreamworld to face the demon, he insisted upon going in with her. If not for Ichabod, I don’t know that Abbie would have found the courage to face what she did and defeat the demon.

Although I’m certain to have nightmares about it, this was a pretty good episode. I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about Captain Irving, but from all appearances he’s just trying to be a good cop. Ichabod and Abbie’s relationship continues to develop slowly, steadily, and beautifully. They need each other but they also seem to be learning to enjoy each others company. Tom Mison injects just enough humor into Ichabod to keep him from becoming stilted, but he is still a true gentleman in the 18th century sense of the word. Ichabod also has a warmth about him that makes his discomfort with the 21st century quite endearing. His first taste of an energy drink really made me chuckle. So what did y’all think of this week’s Sleepy Hollow?

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