Has ‘Justified’ Found Their Season 5 Bad Guy in Michael Rapaport?

Raylan Givens is going to be tangling with a new member of the Crowe family in season five of Justified, but don’t expect him to be as dense as Boyd’s old pal Dewey Crowe. TV Line reports that Michael Rapaport, one of TV’s most reliable “That Guys,” will be joining the cast in the major recurring role of Dale Crowe, Jr., the attractive and powerful patriarch of a “white-trash Florida crime family.”

Just like Dewey, Dale has spent time behind bars, but when he is introduced the Crowe cousin will be the owner of a gator farm (raise your hand if you’re surprised he doesn’t have his own reality show). His gator farm is likely nothing but a clever ruse for a crime syndicate as TV Line notes, Dale is “smart, savvy and ruthless, all in the name of family.”

Rapaport’s previous credits include stints on Prison Break, The Mob Doctor, Friends and Royal Pains. He was originally signed on for a role in CBS’s new fall comedy We Are the Millers starring Margo Martindale who portrayed Justified‘s most iconic villain Mags, but his role was recast before the pilot aired.

How do you think Dale will stack up against Justified‘s previous big bads?

Justified season five will premiere in early 2014 on FX.