Showtime Night: Homeland Season 3 & Masters of Sex Premiere [Review]

homeland s3 masters of sex

Last week, Showtime closed the book on one of their series, Dexter, and this week it’s not only opening a new one with its new series, Masters of Sex, but it’s also heading into a new chapter with Homeland.

Both shows are definitely different but have that Showtime quality. First let’s talk about what we can expect from Homeland.


Homeland Episode 302

Last season was intense to say the least and ended in such an unexpected way from where it started that I was really curious as to where we would go from here. And now that I have seen the first two episodes from this third season, I can tell you that where we find ourselves is probably the only way it could have played out. The writers have crafted a perfect beginning following the events of last season and I’m guessing we haven’t even gotten to the crazy part yet.

The season opens two months after the bombing, which is now called America’s “Second 9/11.” Nick Brody is still at large and there is a manhunt after him. But what is really pressing at the moment is the Senate’s investigation of the CIA and its possible disembodiment. And this is where things get interesting, because Saul (Mandy Patinkin) is now at the head of the CIA and is responsible for a lot more than he used to be, which leads him to make some tough decisions about where his loyalty lies. It really is a study on leadership and the choices one has to make for the greater good.

This third season feels like a real evolution of the story, not a repeat of previous seasons. The characters are different and the Homeland world is different, affected by what transpired last season.

Carrie (Claire Danes) has to adapt to this new world and let’s just say she’s not accepting it so far. But I think the biggest surprise for me was Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend), whom we met last season. He takes a more central role in the first two episodes and I got really attached to the character this season. He is without a doubt a new favorite and I am looking forward to finding out what he does next.

Finally, the premiere also takes a look at the Brody family and how they are dealing with the big scandal. And while that part is not as compelling as the main storyline, it does give us an insight into how their lives have changed since the attack.

To round it up, let’s just say that if you have enjoyed Homeland so far, it looks like you will continue to do so. So far this new season feels like a natural evolution of the story and while every series should strive to achieve that, few manage it.

Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex Episode 101 01

Following the Season 3 premiere of Homeland, Showtime will introduce us to its new series, Masters of Sex, which follows the lives of William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan), researchers who shaped our understanding of human sexuality and ignited the sexual revolution.

Showtime is known for its quality dramas and Masters of Sex can be added to that list. Having watched the first episode I really enjoyed the introduction to the characters we will be following in the show and how they become involved in the study in the first place. And of course with a title like Masters of Sex, one expects lots of sex to be happening in the show, but sorry to disappoint, because while there is of course sex happening, it’s not much more than you would see in any other Showtime/HBO series. While it could change in future episodes, it really does seem like the focus of the series is on the science aspect of it and how these two people revolutionized our knowledge of the subject.

Sheen and Caplan form an interesting team because their characters are pretty different. I particularly enjoy Virginia because she is a character you can root for. She has a big personality and knows what she wants and she won’t let society dictate what is ok for her to do or not do, which is always inspiring to watch.

Finally, I’m looking forward to seeing the series evolve and learning more about Masters and Johnson’s research and how it impacted society at the time.

So if you tend to enjoy Showtime dramas, character studies and have an interest in these characters, you’re definitely going to want to tune in.

Don’t miss Homeland and Masters of Sex tonight, September 29, at 9pm and 10pm respectively on Showtime.

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