Revenge Season 3 Review “Fear”

Revenge Season 3 Episode 1 Fear (10)

After an uneven second season, Revenge returned strong with “Fear,” a season premiere that was determined to establish a new status quo that reminded long-term fans what made the show so much fun in the first place. Though there were some storylines that were skipped over or left up in the air, this was overall a highly enjoyable start to the next chapter of this show.

As is Revenge tradition at this point, the season opened with a flashforward, giving viewers a mystery to try and figure out as the show progresses. Despite the shocking nature of Emily getting shot and falling off of a boat, there was very little context to go with this scene. While it looks like the event will take place on Emily and Daniel’s wedding day, there could be just about anyone on the other end of the gun at this point.

After that, things pulled back two months to the present, which was also revealed to be six months after the second season finale. Given the big events that took place in the last episode, there was a fair bit of hand-waving in the premiere to make for a clean break with past events. The worst bit was that Charlotte’s pregnancy was revealed to be little more than false drama to spice up last year’s finale, as we learned she lost the baby in the past six months.

That can be forgiven, though, thanks to a very knowing conversation between Nolan, now out of prison, and Emily, where they said they should never speak of Carrion or the Initiative again. I mentioned earlier that last season was uneven, and a large part of that came from Emily’s focus being split between revenge against the Graysons and taking down the shadowy government cabal that was commanding them. Some may be disappointed that the Initiative was shut down off-screen, but I think the show is better off when it focuses on Emily’s mission to avenge her father.

Evidence that the show will be getting back to basic came with Emily’s plan to take Ashley out of the picture once and for all. It had all the makings of a classic first season revenge plot, right down to the “how’d she do it” flashbacks at the end of the episode. It highlighted that Emily is as vicious and determined as ever. The plot also suggests the show is trimming the fat a bit, as Ashley’s not been all that integral to the plot for quite some time.

Another bit of hand-waving involved Emily revealing her true identity to Jack at the end of last season. We don’t see the exact fallout of that scene, so we have to settle for a Jack who’s already come to terms with the information. I think he might be a bit too forgiving of her actions given the level of damage her lies have caused, but at least there’s still a lot of tension and distrust between the two of them.

Given the time jump, a lot of this episode was dedicated to set-up. As a result, it’s hard to say what new arcs will prove exciting moving forward. That said, the arrival of Victoria’s son Patrick, the return of a vengeful Aiden and the introduction of Daniel’s acquaintance Margaux are all intriguing, and I look forward to seeing how everything develops down the line. If nothing else, things are off to a strong start.

What did you think of the season premiere? How awesome was Nolan’s parachute entrance to the party? Let me know in the comments!