Once Upon a Time Season 3: Welcome To Neverland!

Once Upon a Time returns tonight for its third season and comes ready to lead us on yet another magical and exciting adventure. After watching the first two episodes, I can tell you this new season starts off strong as we are propelled into a new world we know nothing about: Neverland.

Heading into Neverland, here are a few things you should know before venturing further in.

We’re Not in Storybrooke Anymore

New island, new rules. When it comes to Neverland, Peter Pan is the King and you better do as he says. As we meet Neverland and its island full of Lost Boys, we can feel Peter Pan’s presence in everything. It’s like he’s everywhere and can see everything through the island.

And while we don’t know about all the secrets of Neverland, we are slowly learning more about it and what it can do. We’re definitely not in Storybrooke anymore.

Peter Pan Is One Creepy Guy!

Thank you Once Upon a Time for destroying my favorite Disney character and making him one creepy guy. As you probably guessed, we’ll be meeting Peter Pan this season and he’s definitely not the sweet and happy character we met in the Disney movie, oh no. In the words of Hook: “He may look like a boy but he’s a bloody demon.”

Hold On To Your Shadow

Keep your eyes peeled for Peter Pan’s shadow and keep your own shadow close if you want to survive. I’ve never experienced it, but getting your shadow ripped does look quite painful. Oh and it kind of kills you, so we wouldn’t want that would we?!

Don’t Mess With The Mermaids

As you approach the island, you might encounter a few mermaids. If you can, avoid them. If you can’t, hold on tight because these seemingly beautiful creatures will try to bring you down.


This is Neverland. And your best chance for survival is to believe!

Good luck!

Season 3 of Once Upon a Time premieres tonight at 8pm on ABC. And in case you haven’t seen our interviews with the cast about Season 3, you can check them out here.

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