Low Winter Sun Season 1 Review “Revelations”

Low Winter Sun Episode 1 Pilot (4)

There was a feeling that Low Winter Sun was spinning its wheels this week. For an episode called “Revelations,” there really wasn’t a whole lot of new information this week. Add on top of that several courtroom scenes that added little to the story and more of the strange imagery the show seems fascinated with, and this was a rather uneven episode helped a bit by an above average ending.

Upfront, I’ll get the Damon stuff out of the way. In a move that surprised no one, he made another terrible call. When the big crime boss showed up and threatened to kill Maya’s children if he ever ratted him out, Damon decided it was time to take on an actual kingpin. It’s such a great plan coming from the failed criminal that lost a firefight with another small gang. Maya’s plan to just take the kids and run was the far smarter one, though given Damon’s history I doubt he’ll go along.

In the relevant plot, there were many spinning wheels taking us nowhere. I get that Agnew’s courtroom scenes were supposed to show us how dedicated and upstanding a cop he used to be, but we’ve already gotten a great sense of that through his interactions with Khalil. In fact, we got just such a scene when Khalil told Agnew just how much she looked up to him. Their relationship has been a high point throughout the season, and seeing her turn on Agnew was a shame, though understandable. There was fun to be had in watching Agnew pull Shaun’s bad tooth out, though it was equally pointless overall.

The biggest part of this episode was obviously the ending, which juxtaposed Agnew finally going to rescue Katia with Geddes promising to make her disappear for good. While seeing Geddes throw Katia off the balcony was a shocking image, it wasn’t really a surprise. It was clear last week that Agnew and Geddes were going to be against one another going forward. As such, seeing Geddes try to help her never rang true, leading to Katia’s end. The ending was strong, but could’ve been better had the show done a better job of telling us why Agnew and Katia loved each other so much. We never really saw their relationship and never even got an idea of how much Katia actually loved Agnew back. For the longest time, it just seemed like Agnew was obsessed. Further, the weird performance art dance that was continuously cut to at the end felt unnecessary and took me out of the emotion of the scene.

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