Peaky Blinders Series 1 Episode 3 (BBC2) Review


It’s been called the British Boardwalk Empire for a reason – Peaky Blinders apparently has no interest in reaching a wide audience with flashy action or a fast pace. No, as proven by episode three of the drama, if you’re not here for the characters and the characters alone, then there’s really nothing for you. With the pace so slow and ponderous, it’s a good job the show has great actors and stellar writing on its side, I say.

Episode three placed a huge part of its focus on Grace, as she became even further embroiled in the business of Tommy and the other Peaky Blinders. It’s unclear where she stands right now, obviously developing involuntary feelings for her charge while at the same time trying to serve a greater purpose alongside Campbell. While she’s a fascinating screen presence, something that doesn’t escape the notice of various male characters on the show, it’s a shame that her character hasn’t been fleshed out in any real way despite the amount she had to do this week.

At this moment in time, she’s simply being moved around like a pawn in an elaborate game with three players – Kimber, Tommy and Campbell. The latter isn’t around much on this week’s Peaky Blinders, but Tommy’s motives for taking Graces to the races is revealed when he tells her to accompanying Kimber home for two-hours of alone time. The fact that he changes his mind after only one hour (and warns Kimber off with a claim that Grace has the clap) isn’t exactly the most gallant move ever made and, if there is indeed a romance between these two, it won’t be a particularly romantic one.

There’s also some violence to go along with the sexual violence, in case you were wondering, and another creative use of the Peaky Blinders’ hat sees a substantial section of a man’s ear shaved off during a scuffle. Ada and Freddie are adding to Tommy’s problems by staying in town, but nothing really comes of it for now, and Grace accidently kills one of a pair of IRA men after he threatens her. I get the sense that, once Peaky Blinders has moved on from the ‘everybody fancies Grace’ stage, these elements will come forward and make an entertaining second half.

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Peaky Blinders airs on BBC2 in the UK.