Haven Season 4 Review “Bad Blood”

Haven Season 4 Episode 3 Bad Blood (1)

Our favorite Havenite may be on her way back home! On this week’s Haven, Audrey/Lexie started to realize that things aren’t as they appear to be. At home, Nathan continued his self-loathing for failing to stop the troubles. The town-folk continued with their seething anger at Mr. Wuornos, but none more so than Jordan. This week’s episode didn’t bring us much in terms of resolution for the bigger conflicts, but did move the ball forward a couple feet.

The weekly troubled person was a man whose blood infiltrated the sewers and went on a killing spree. Its goal was to reach Nathan, but naturally the team intervened to keep that from happening. In the final confrontation with the blood pool, a couple interesting things happened. First, Jordan was willing to put her life in danger by placing her bare hands in the blood. Second, the trouble man realized that he actually didn’t hate Nathan enough to want him dead.

Let’s start with Jordan. She later made it clear to Nathan that she stepped in only to save him so he can stop the troubles. Now, I’m not entirely unsympathetic to Jordan’s plight. It would be incredibly difficult to have to live in that kind of isolation. But, something’s got to change with her current role in the group. It is going to be extremely irritating if she lurks at every crime season all season, and interrupts to remind everyone how much she hates Nathan and wants Audrey dead. Doesn’t she have a job and things to do during the day? We have enough other main characters and really don’t need another – especially one who just adds a negative vibe.

The change of heart of the troubled man may spell good news for Nathan. Nathan has been skulking around and has been reluctant to reconcile with the town. The troubled man’s epiphany that he didn’t want Nathan dead signals that there may be a chance for the troubled in Haven to move past their hatred of Nathan. That would definitely be a good thing. Nathan’s never been a particularly upbeat guy, but he’s never been this sullen.

At least Nathan is not alone – Duke has his own share of negativity to deal with. He still hasn’t been able to convince his brother to leave town, which means there’s double the Crocker paranoia in the air. Things are looking up, though, between Duke and Jennifer. I appreciate that their relationship is moving slowly, but in the right direction. I also liked that Duke said that Audrey would have liked Jennifer. I think this is true. As I’ve said before, Jennifer is a compatible with the group and would be a great love interest for Duke.

Last week, Jennifer went off her meds and now is back to hearing voices. She listens in as Lexie/Audrey learns a shocking truth: Audrey is still in the barn. Unlike with Duke, the barn did not spit Audrey out. The bar she works in and all the patrons are all figments of her imagination. This was a fantastic twist. I had imagined Audrey in some backwater town, and that at some point she’d hop in a beat up truck and make her way back to Haven. I was surprised and pleased to be wrong. Audrey being stuck in the barn is far more intriguing.

While Lexie is learning that her world is not what she believed, she’s still not able to make the next leap to her real identity. William can see the barn crumbling around them, but Lexie still sees everything as in tact. The precariousness of her situation has one serious upside – she’s going to have to get out of that barn quickly. In turn, that means that she might return to Haven in the near future. I want Audrey and Nathan reunited, so that can’t happen soon enough. The next question is whether William is a creature of the barn or a person capable of joining her escape. I don’t want William competing with Nathan, obviously, but anything that gives us more time with Colin Ferguson is a bonus.

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