Wentworth Prison Series 1 Review “The Velvet Curtain”


This week’s Wentworth was all about sex. It was so brazenly about sex that I wonder how they actually got anything else done, but I guess that’s the beauty of the show. Though still in keeping with the tradition of following one character each week, episode five deviates slightly by focusing on the sexual awakening of Warden Erica. Flashbacks are used sparingly so as to focus on her current relationship with Franky in the prison.

We begin with a saucy sex dream interspersed with clips from a previous encounter she had had in a bondage club, before discovering that Erica is actually in bed with a man. The man, we later discover, is her fiancé of five years, and Franky’s constant advances at work mean that their sex life is starting to become a little unsatisfying. This isn’t just an episode about sex, it’s about women and sex, and that’s fairly unexplored ground when it comes to US and UK primetime television. Leave it to the Aussies, eh?

After falling off the wagon last week, Liz is still drinking herself to death, and Doreen isn’t happy with her former friend. She goes as far as to spike her drink with bleach – not realising it could kill her – and takes her job as peer worker. We might assume that this is last we see of Liz’s drinking problems but, with five episodes still to go, I seriously doubt it. It was nice to see Doreen take a chance on herself, however, and she seems like the perfect candidate for the job.

Though she’s currently the least interesting character on the show, I’d really like to see more of Bea. She was our way into Wentworth in the first place, after all, and it seems like the show is pushing her onto the sidelines. We know little about her that we didn’t discover in week one, but maybe her character will slowly develop towards whatever goes down in the finale.

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Wentworth Prison currently airs on Channel 5 in the UK.