‘The Simpsons’ Channel ‘Homeland’ In Season Premiere Poster and Trailer

Is Springfield doomed?

Homeland fans looking for a bit of conspiracy/terrorist drama an hour before the season three premiere on Showtime will have to look no further than The Simpsons to get their fix. Homer will be channeling Brody in the season 25 premiere of the hit Fox animated series, “Homerland.” After Homer comes back from a nuclear power plant convention acting odd, Lisa suspects her father has been “turned.” In her efforts to save her father and Springfield, Lisa will work with a jumpy FBI agent Annie (voiced by Kristin Wiig) to discover what happened to Homer. Check out the Homeland inspired poster above and the episode’s promo below. Are you excited to see the worlds of Homeland and The Simpsons collide this Sunday?

The Simpsons season 25 premieres this Sunday, September 29th at 8PM ET/PT on Fox.