Parenthood Season 5 Premiere “It Has To Be Now” Review

Welcome back, Braverman family! You know that Parenthood is getting off to a great start when we’ve got a reference to Funky Town before the opening credits.

I think I could watch a Parenthood spinoff with just Hank and Max. It’s great to see max developing autonomy and his frank, self-awareness is refreshing. I’m in it for the sugar too, Max. I’m a little confused at how Hank has made his way back after leaving to spend time with his daughter. I’m guessing things didn’t work out, but is it okay to just give up and move away from your daughter? I wasn’t a huge fan of the Hank/Sarah relationship, but I’ll cut him a little slack as long as he is good for Max.

I was surprised to see Bob Little return to Parenthood. Fans will recall that the last time we saw the politician, he was engaging in extracurricular activities of the carnal variety with Amber, who also happened to be his employee at the time. Bob wanted Kristina to serve as his campaign manager. I’m glad that the two acknowledged the elephant in the room, as Bob promised not to sleep with any of Kristina’s family again. After some inspiration from Gwen, Kristina decided to take up Bob’s offer to return to politics – by declaring her own intention to run for mayor. I’m guessing Kristina’s platform will not be based on bringing back vending machines.

Although Jasmine’s birth may have been a little predictable – classic, unexpected television labor, the writers did a good job at portraying new parent fatigue. I also give kudos to the decision to have Joy Bryant wear some padding to reflect a little extra baby weight. Thankfully, Baby Braverman X finally got a name by the end of the premiere. Welcome to the family, Aida.

It was a pleasant suprise when Ryan returned from Kandahar at the end of the episode and proposed to Amber. Awwwwwwwwww. With Sarah struggling to connect with Drew and her daughter newly engaged, I’m expecting her to freak out just a little over all of this change happening with her kids.

I’ve got a bad feeling about Joel and Julia’s relationship this season. That Pete will be nothing but trouble!

The Parenthood premiere didn’t miss a beat with bringing the heartfelt drama and occasional humor for which the show is known. What did you think of this week’s episode? Any story lines you’re excited about? Sound off below!