Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Premiere “Seal Our Fate/I Want You With Me” Review

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 1 & 2 Seal Our Fate;I Want You With Me (5)

If you haven’t seen the season 10 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, this is your final chance to bail, catch-up and then come back. If you’re all caught up, let’s give each other a much-needed hug and reflect on last night’s episode.

At the close of last season, there was only one thing I was concerned about – did Dr. Webber die and how long would it take his colleagues (or anyone) to find him? Shonda and company did not let viewers come easily upon that information. As the season began, Dr. Webber was still passed out in the generator room and it felt like it took a lifetime for the doctors to even notice his absence. We were tortured even more as Shane passed on the task of locating Webber to Mousy, who then failed to follow the classic saying – look before you leap (to help a co-worker). Just when we thought we could enjoy a collective sigh of relief, Mousy also gets a “shocking” surprise, which left her in as much danger as Webber.

It wouldn’t be Grey’s Anatomy if someone didn’t die after a major storm, so viewers spent most of the first hour of the two-episode premiere holding their breath as the fate of Webber and Mousy unfolded. Last night’s episode made something very clear to me – I’m still not invested in the new doctors, interns, whatever they currently are. Coincidentally, they weren’t really all that invested in each other either.

Dr. Webber appears safe – for now. Of course, saving his life was not without it’s own bit of melodrama. To Meredith’s surprise, she learned that Richard has now placed his emergency health care decisions in her hands should he be incapacitated. Yang continued to prove how amazing she is as a heart surgeon as she worked on Webber’s heart in impossible conditions. Bailey, with encouragement from Meredith, continued to prove that she should always follow her instincts. We also learned how much Catherine Avery loves Dr. Webber and how no title held by anyone at the hospital will keep her from meddling as she sees fit. Ultimately, it was nice to see Dr. Webber pull through and to see the three most important women in his life rally to his side in his time of need.

Unfortunately, things did not go so well for Mousy. Despite his best efforts, Derek could not save her. Her death revealed how disconnected the new doctors were from each other and I guess it is supposed to make viewers excited about watching them strengthen their bonds. Not to be morbid, but I would be shocked to see Shane make it through the rest of this season. I suspect that his survivor’s guilt is going to lead him to make a number of risky decisions as he tries to atone for allowing his jealousy to lie to Mousy and send her to find Webber. Meh, I’m still indifferent to the newbies and I don’t really need more time with them onscreen.

What I would absolutely take more of, however, is sexy Kevin McKidd. Owen and Christina have broken up in name only. It was nice to see a rare moment of vulnerability from Christina as she shared how hard letting Owen go would be for her. According to Sandra Oh’s Twitter, no one knew at the time the premiere was filmed that she would not return to the show after the end of her contract. I suspect, however, that the need to move past Owen may tie into her departure from Grey’s Anatomy. Until then, let’s hope that we get more shirtless Owen scenes. Please and thank you.

The sight of Dr. Webber unconscious at the end of the season 9 finale was not the only draw-dropping cliffhanger. There was also Arizona’s tryst with another doctor, which was then discovered by Callie. To say that Callie is not taking the infidelity well would be a huge understatement. She announced the betrayal to Arizona’s colleagues, nearly allowed her feelings to get in the way of treating a patient and refused her wife’s attempts to discuss the matter. I’m not on board with the first two reactions, but I understand that it might be too soon for her to discuss it. In addition to time, Callie also decided to get some space from her wife and has temporarily taken up residence with the Shepherd family.

Although things were not perfect with the couple, I was really disappointed in Arizona’s decision to cheat. Surely she knows that Callie has already been betrayed by another spouse – looking at you, George and Izzie. I didn’t really understand or appreciate Arizona’s matter-of-fact disposition. This isn’t the kind of thing most people can rationally discuss so soon. I can’t even speculate as to what will happen to this couple, but I don’t anticipate a reconciliation anytime soon.

What did you think of the Grey’s Anatomy premiere? Will Callie and Arizona reconcile? Is Webber really in the clear? Do you think April will really marry Matthew? Contrary to April’s point of view, her impulsiveness on such serious decisions is not charming and not the kind of thing she should just dismiss as being part of who she is. Work on it, girl! Hit the comments and let me know what you thought of the premiere!