Glee Season 5 Episode 1 Review “Love, Love, Love”

Glee Season 5 Premiere 2013 Love Love Love 7

Of course he said yes! You may have guessed it, or you may already have been spoiled, but Glee’s first episode back featured the most over-the-top proposal since Will donned that top hat in the McKinley swimming pool. God knows, we needed some levity, and ‘Love, Love, Love’ admirably distracted us from the dark cloud that will be hanging over the show for the next three weeks.

We start off with Rachel’s Funny Girl call-back, the most anticipated moment before the summer’s events, and it’s pretty certain that, if Rachel doesn’t get the part out-right, she’ll at least be an understudy. The producer feels that she’s too young and green to play Fanny, but Rachel disagrees and shows them how wrong they are with a brilliant performance of ‘Hard Day’s Night’ in Spotlight diner, her new place of employment. Next week we’ll meet Demi Lovato’s Dani, who also works there, and I’m looking forward to lots of Rachel-Santana time.

But the Lea Michele performance that people will take away from this premiere is the very first one – ‘Yesterday’. Sung before we even establish that the week’s theme is the Beatles, and before we really get into the episode at all, it feels like this was a nod to the large section of the audience waiting to see how Glee would cope with its recent death in the family. It felt like the performance was their way of saying – “this is all you’re getting for the moment” – and it was beautifully, wonderfully sad and sweet. It may even go down as one of my favourite Glee performances.

The rest of the hour was as joyous and peppy as can be, however, and Kurt and Blaine’s happy ending was well worth the wait. It was great to see Kurt have his doubts, because it doesn’t wash over the considerable pain they caused each other last year, but Klaine fans must be pretty happy bunnies right about now. Doing it on that staircase was beyond perfect, and having Mercedes back for the big moment was also great for long-time fans of the show. I was having so much fun with this episode that I didn’t even have a problem with the cheesy song segues.

There were still a couple of problems – Tina’s unlikeability, Becky’s confession happening off-screen, Unique and Ryder’s relationship being ignored – but it seems unsporting to mention them here. Most of us are aware of the problems everyone had behind-the-scenes, so the fact that we’re getting more Glee at all is a bit of a miracle. It’s wonderful to see that, despite the difficulties, the show has come back better than last year (for now) and apparently with a new spring in its step. Bring on the second half of our Beatles-extravaganza.

What did you think of the episode? Do you like Artie and Kitty as a couple? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.