‘Buffy’ Alum Anthony Stewart Head Cast in Syfy Pilot ‘Dominion’

Warehouse 13 - Season 4

A new supernatural pilot called Dominion is not only being developed by Syfy, but has added to its growing roster of cast members. Among those additions are ‘Buffy, the Vampire Slayer’ alum Anthony Stewart Head as well as actresses Roxanne McKee (‘Game of Thrones’) and Shivani Ghai (‘The Bible’) and actor Luke Allen-Gale (‘The Borgias’).

‘Dominion’ is actually based on the Paul Bettany-led 2010 box office film ‘Legion’ about a group of strangers who team together with a fallen angel to protect humankind. The story in this pilot will be set 25 years later in the aftermath of a catastrophic war between mankind and an army of angels. The cast already includes actor Christopher Egan (the short-lived ‘Kings’) as a rebellious young soldier, Alex Lannen, who discovers he is the unlikely savior of humanity and actor Alan Dale (‘Lost) as General Rysen, one of the military leaders of this new world.

Head, who also recently starred in the Syfy series ‘Merlin’ and had a recurring role in ‘Warehouse 13’, will play David Weel, the President of the Senate of Vega, one of the few cities left standing while McKee will appear as General Rysen’s daughter. Allen-Gate will play Weel’s (Head) son and Ghai will be a foreign diplomat.

Since ‘Dominion’ is just in the pilot stage there is no guarantee, at this time, that it will be picked up by Syfy.