Survivor Blood vs. Water “Rule in Chaos”

After last week’s stellar 90-minute premiere, Survivor returned tonight with the very exciting “Rule in Chaos”. It’s crazy that we’re 27 seasons in, and I’m still just as excited for eight o’ clock on Wednesday nights as I’ve always been! I don’t know how much longer CBS will want to keep Survivor around, but as long as it’s as good as this then I won’t complain.

There wasn’t a whole lot of information to glean out of the pre-challenge scenes. It was mostly just the Redemption Island occupants complaining, and Colton being Colton (we’ll get to that later). After Brad imparted the advice from his wife Monica last week, it cracks me up that Monica is continuing to give out little nuggets of wisdom to Colton this week. Monica, you came in 14th place in your season. Stop talking to everybody like you’re an old pro!

Anyway, all of the contestants are called in to watch the first dual of the season, which Candace wins while Rupert loses. I can’t say I was too upset to see Rupert go home, though. He’s been on the show three times already, so it isn’t like he hasn’t had a chance to win the game several times by now. Plus he’s just a little too growly and dramatic for me.

I was very impressed with Laura’s reaction to her husband being the first person to leave the game, though. Laura overall has really impressed me actually. She’s taken a pretty crappy situation (husband being sent to Redemption, being voted out of her old tribe) and has really been able to make lemonade from her lemons. She’s giving her all in the challenges, and she’s doing a great job to ingratiate herself with the rest of her tribe mates. If she happens to make her way to the end of the game, she’ll definitely have a great story to tell to the jury, what with her husband being the first one taken from the game and all.

Just because I feel like I need to mention it, I guess I should discuss Colton. He was back to his old antagonistic and bullying ways tonight, this time causing a huge scene after Kat tried to have a completely innocent conversation with him. I know it’s been said before, but it’s really surprising how much of a bully this guy is considering the bullying he’s probably endured in his life. Although I don’t like seeing terrible people being mean to other people, some part of me is actually happy that he’s so quickly pulled a 180 and turned back into a jerk. I feel justified in knowing that his attempts last week and being nicer were all bullcrap.

Well Rachel is sent to Redemption, but it certainly looks like John might not be long for this game unless he’s able to find the idol. It will definitely be interesting to see both members of the same couple competing at Redemption, and I hope we do get to see that soon with Candace and John.

What did you guys think of the episode? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– Did anybody else think it was kinda weird that Tyson and Aras were cuddling in front of the campfire?

– I do not want to be the CBS cameraman that’s tasked with taking close-up footage of all of the nasty bugs and wildlife at the various Survivor locations. They showed some pretty nasty stuff tonight!

– Do you guys think Jeff Probst dyes his hair? I’d like to believe that he’s just such a perfect human being that his hair never changes, but the dude’s in his 50s and still has dark brown hair.