CBS Releases ‘Elementry’ Season 2 Premiere Sneak Peek

Happy Elementary Season Two Eve! (Yes, that’s a holiday now.)

Since we have all been good little fanboys and fangirls during the summer hiatus, CBS has released a behind-the-scenes look of “Step Nine,” the season premiere. Fair warning the video–and this article–will contain spoilers.

“Step Nine” takes Sherlock and Joan to London and the series deeper into the Holmes’ mythos as we meet both Lestrade and Mycroft. While it will be a one and done case, Jonny Lee Miller promises that the episode is designed to give us greater insight into Sherlock’s backstory. As an added bonus we will also be visiting 221 Baker Street, and Lucy Liu teases a possible Mary Poppins visit (note the tease in that sentence).

Are you ready to dive back into Elementary?

Elementary season two premieres tomorrow, Thursday, September 26th at 10/9c on CBS.