Supernatural Chat: Season 9 Spoiler Roundup – Important Facts About Sam, Bobby, Cas and Crowley


Hey there, Supernatural fans! It is with great pleasure that I tell you that we are now just two weeks away from the Season 9 premiere. Much as I did before the beginning of last season, I thought that this would be a good time to gather up some of the information that’s been going around – in the form of spoilers, interviews, photos and previews – and pull out some important facts about what we now know about the new season.

Sam is Not Doing Well

At the end of last season, Sam was looking pretty sick after nearly closing the Gates of Hell. While it was entirely possible for the show to start up with a time jump that would see Sam well, it’s obvious from both the premiere photos and the Season 9 trailer that Sammy is in bad shape. He’s in a hospital, but worse than that, it looks like he’s lost his will to live and that could be the most dangerous part of it all.

The Boys Will See Bobby Again

Again, most of the information we have on Bobby’s return comes from the premiere photos and the trailer, but boy what information it is. Apparently, with help from new angel Ezekiel, it looks like Dean will be going into Sam’s head and will find their old friend there, too. Though how helpful Bobby will be to getting Sam well again, remains to be seen. In the preview Bobby says he calls dying “leaving a legacy.” While that is definitely true, those may not be the exact words that Dean wants Sam to hear at that moment – considering the fact that he’s trying to get his baby brother to fight for his life.

Castiel is Absolutely, Positively Human

Okay, maybe “powerless” is a better term as he’ll always be our angel, but in terms of his body, that is all human. This information comes from, well, everywhere. If you’ve seen any interview with Misha Collins (including the one we did with him at Comic-Con), then you know by now that Castiel will be doing everything human, including, but not limited to “eating, defecating and fornicating,” as he told TVLine.

He’s also going to get himself a new love interest, in the form of a character named April Kelly who will appear in the third episode of the season. TV Line reports that Castiel’s new squeeze will be played by The O.C.’s Shannon Lucio but no other details about their relationship have been released.

Crowley is Still Partially Cured

Other than looking grumpy and still being tied to a chair, we don’t see a lot of Crowley in the teaser video for the new season. But luckily actor Mark Sheppard shared some facts about Crowley’s fate with Zap2it. As we all knew, Sam wasn’t completely successful with his attempt to humanize Crowley, but there may be some after-effects.

“The best explanation is this: while Sam tried to humanize Crowley with the supposed cure, while they didn’t complete that cure there are certainly residual effects from taking that path,” Sheppard said. “There is definitely a residual effect. Whether Crowley likes it or not, there is a residual effect.”

What do you think now that we’ve gotten more spoilers and teasers about Supernatural Season 9? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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