NCIS Season 11 Premiere 2013 Review “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” – Where is Ziva?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

In the NCIS Season 11 premiere, called “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” everyone is pulled apart by the disaster of last season is pulled back together under a common cause – everyone, that is, except one.

The title of this episode was very appropriate, as I did find myself wondering “WTF?” a few times. But it could also have been called “Whiskey India Zulu,” because throughout most of it, I kept asking myself one question: Where is Ziva? With only two episodes to go until her departure, I did feel a bit robbed by the fact that we didn’t see her at all. I guess I got the wrong impression from the previews, but I thought Cote de Pablo was going to be in the first two episodes of this season, but all we saw of Ziva were words on a screen.

Anyway, moving on. This entire case/storyline got a lot more convoluted and I’m sure we’re going to be even more confused before we get answers to a lot of our burning questions about exactly what is going on. But for the moment, I did enjoy a lot of the character interaction we did see, which is always my favorite part of any episodes anyway.

Parsons showing up to save Gibbs was great and I liked that we got to see him as more than just a one-note evil guy trying to take down Gibbs and his team. At the same time, I liked that not everyone on the team was as eager to forgive Parsons as Gibbs was. Though that could’ve had something to do with the fact that Parsons saved Gibbs’ life.

With the team gone, it was nice to see Ducky, Abby and Palmer get the chance to step up a bit, and the new IT guy, Murray, cracked me up to no end. Abby and I seem to share similar feelings about McGee’s friend Delilah – I don’t know how much I trust her just yet. Also, I really enjoyed the little bromance moments they gave us with Gibbs and Fornell.

But of course the biggest character interactions were those that happened with Tony and Ziva, which was interesting considering Ziva never actually appeared on screen. Tony’s conversation with Kate the goldfish was very telling – as soon as he and Ziva were no longer coworkers, he figured that all bets were off. Was that really all that was holding him back all this time? I suppose that could be true, but a part of me finds it hard to believe. I think I see what direction the show is going with them, but I’m not sure how it will be pulled off. I think that they will both say they have feelings for each other, but then what? We all know Ziva is gone after the next episode, so how will that work? I really don’t think they are going to kill her, but I’m at a loss how else they can have a conversation like that and yet have Tony end up moving on with his life by the third episode. All I can do is wait until next week to see how it works out. At this point, I’m just worried for Tony and how he will make it through all of this.

My favorite bits..

“What assignment can trump a career of rule breaking?”

“‘Weird’ is but one of the many adjectives I could apply to these circumstances, Mr. Palmer.”

Ducky, Abby and Palmer standing in the bull pen. So weird to see them there without the rest of the team.

Palmer pointing out that he was no good at hunger strikes because he got light-headed by the afternoon if he didn’t eat something. Nice call back to his diabetes.

Abby feeling Gibbs to make sure he was actually there.

Tony getting woken up by Ziva’s call on the computer.

“Thinking about…?”
“At the moment, you.”

“Count to a million, I’m on my way.”

Abby summarily ignoring Delilah.

“You’ll always be an agent, McGee.” Aw.

“I have a higher security clearance than any of you.”
“So did Mata Hari.”

Gibbs asking Vance if he wanted anything from the Tehran gift shop.

Really digging the snazzy hat and scarf on Gibbs. Amazing how much it completely changes his look.

Gibbs doing the double-gun thing.

“These friends of yours?”
“Till my money runs out.”

Oh man, did we really need to see poor Jarvis’ body on Ducky’s table?

Ducky taking care of their intruder with a metal bowl.

“Who needs security? Tie him up.” – Ducky is the man. That is all.

Tony talking to Kate the goldfish about his upcoming trip.

Spotting the light on Tony’s chest about one second before he did. Whoa!

Tony pointing out that he couldn’t lay any lower than hanging out at his apartment. Very good point.

“Is it me or does standing here on the sidelines feel like…”

Tony snoozing at his desk. Aw, kinda reminded me of old times.

Palmer not mastering the clicker as well as he thought.

Murray and Palmer doing a fairly good job as the second string.

“I don’t like the swirly font!”

“Agent Fornell, this isn’t about your ex-wife again, is it?”

Everyone meeting at Tony’s place. That made me strangely, giddily happy.

“I want my badge back!” – Haha! Nice Doublemint twin moment.

The way Parsons kept jumping every time Gibbs would smack him on the back.

Abby and Gibbs both giving Parsons a dirty look when he tried to claim that she couldn’t possibly get the info that she had.

Tony asking Adam for help finding Ziva.

“I thought you didn’t like me.”
“I don’t.”

Finding pissed-off Tony very hot. Just sayin’.

Parsons giving Tony the information on Eli’s farm.

“Look, if this is going to turn a proposal, I’m just not ready.” – That whole scene with Gibbs and Fornell was beyond awesome.

Fornell reassuring Gibbs that he came to him as soon as he found out his people were in danger.

“No matter how this unfolds, Tobias, I got your back.” – Aw, loving the bromance moment.

Abby and Ducky celebrating their combined work to get a strong lead on the bomb maker.

Gibbs finding the pictures of his team on the terrorists’ wall. Whoa.

Oh wow, that song… Breaking my heart here.

“Talk to me, Ziva. Where are you?”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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