Lucky 7 Season 1 Review “Pilot”

Lucky 7 Episode 1 Pilot (2)

After a summer long ad campaign, the series premiere of Lucky 7 introduced us to a group of service station workers who, after years of trying, collectively win the lottery. This was easily ABC’s most hyped show beside from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so I was interested to see if it was worth the months-long push for viewers. Fortunately, the show is off to a fun start, though where it goes from here remains the big question.

The first half of the episode served the usual function of a pilot episode, namely introducing all of the characters. For the most part, there wasn’t a lot of room for depth this early on, but these scenes were handled well enough. The characters were painted with broad strokes; there’s the ex-convict, the new dad, the single mom and several other stock types. However, giving them a bit more life was the fact that every character was in some sort of trouble or bad situation, something that will remain a problem for them even with the money. Samira’s parents want her to agree to an arranged marriage, while Nicky, the ex-con, owes money to some of his former associates.

In fact, Nicky and his brother Matt, the new dad, were the big focus of the pilot. With both of them being strapped for cash, Matt reluctantly agrees to help his brother rob the Gold Star where they work. The scene with the robbery was pretty fun, with Matt not entirely sure how to act for the camera when his brother came in with a gun. Things got serious, though, when their boss Bob comes back to the store after closing, leading to Nicky putting him in the hospital. Dealing with his guilt will be a major part of Matt’s arc moving forward this season.

The big moment of the episode was, of course, the big lottery drawing, which was a fun scene. Getting to see everyone’s reaction to the news was fun because everyone was just exuding pure glee on the screen. The drawing itself looked pretty atrocious, but I suppose lottery drawing broadcasts aren’t known for their stellar graphics and talented performers. After the drawing, things picked up considerably, with some moments that were actually pretty surprising. Since he didn’t actually pay for part of the ticket, the rest of the group had to vote on whether or not Matt would get a share of the winnings. With the vote going 3-2 in his favor, this set up a couple of mysteries going forward. Not only is there the question of who voted against him, but who ratted him out to the lottery commission.

The other surprise was Antonio had stopped taking part in the pool a year ago, meaning he was the only Gold Star employee not getting any of the money. Given how all the previews have played up the idea of a lucky seven, it was interesting to learn one of the cast is actually excluded. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles the situation moving forward. It also helps that it happened to one of the most likable characters, as it seems his challenge moving forward will be one of acceptance and not letting the loss change him.

Overall, Lucky 7 provided an enjoyable start to what could be a fun series. The big challenge moving forward will be developing the characters and avoiding cliché story arcs. For now, there’s promise, and that’s more than a lot of pilots achieve.

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