‘Scandal’ 101: ABC Shares Everything You Need to Know in 6 Minutes

Scandal Season 2 Episode 22 White Hat's Back On (2)

Tired of hearing everyone talk about Scandal and being completely lost?

ABC has remedied your problem in one epic six minute video that details every twist and turn of Shonda Rhimes’ addictive political drama. Granted you might have to watch it three or four times before you fully understand who is sleeping with who, who’s getting concussed and who is stabbing who in the back. It’s totally worth the extra attention though, and if you require more assistance and don’t have time for a marathon before the premiere, ABC will be airing “Scandal: The Secret is Out,” hosted by Josh Malina, Thursday, October 3rd at 8PM.

Watch the video below and let us know if it convinces you to dive into season three in the comments.

Scandal season three premieres Thursday, October 3rd at 10PM ET/PT on ABC.