Bones Season 9 Episode 2 Review “The Cheat in the Retreat” – The Return of Tony and Roxie

Bones Season 9 Episode 2 The Cheat in the Retreat 4

In this episode of Bones, called “The Cheat in the Retreat,” Booth and Brennan go undercover to a marriage retreat as Tony and Roxie, Cam deals with some very serious personal financial issues and Sweets reevaluates his life.

After the extremely serious start to the season we had in last week’s season premiere, it was definitely nice to have one of this show’s signature fun episodes as a way to clear the air a bit. Yes, we all know that Pelant is out there and could attack at any time, but it was great to see Booth and Brennan get the chance to dust off their old alter egos, Tony and Roxie, and play with them for a little while. I loved the fact that the fake identities also gave them a chance to explore some deeper issues, but without getting too maudlin about it. Brennan has truly accepted the fact that Booth can’t marry her. She doesn’t know why and though I won’t say she doesn’t care, she isn’t letting it ruin their relationship. That woman is seriously my hero.

Though it’s not exactly fun to watch, I do appreciate that Angela is still angry with Booth and won’t drop it as quickly as Brennan has. I have no doubt in my mind that their relationship will be fixed at some point in the future, but until then I’m pretty much doing what Angela and Booth are doing – trying to ignore that as much as possible.

Cam had me confused through much of this episode, because I just couldn’t figure out why she was so reluctant to accept help. But thanks to Arastoo (he’s been really good at getting her to open up and I love that), I finally saw why. I can’t blame her for being devastated about everything that the identity thief was doing to her reputation and I could also understand her embarrassment. I was happy in the end that she did let her friends help her. Is anyone else wondering though if there might be a connection to Pelant? It seems too tame for him, but I just can’t help but to wonder.

As for Sweets, I feel like we’re about to see some big revelations coming from him and I for one am really looking forward to that. I admire the fact that he wants to figure out how to actually help people and not just an agency. I’m excited to see where this journey will take him.

My favorite bits..

“Okay. and now you’re gonna learn about paperwork.”

Arastoo and Cam riding in to work together. Aw.

“Well you definitely weren’t speeding, I don’t think you could in this thing.”

“Uh no, he was driving while brown.”

Wait. Cam was arrested for what??

Brennan pointing out that Cam was definitely capable of check fraud.

“Bobcats mark their feeding area with urine and, if you’re luck, feces.” – I think Hodgins might need to look up the word “lucky.”

“Feces. It’s your lucky day, bug boy.”

Brennan saying that she couldn’t take part in race talks because she tended to get yelled at.

Booth taking away Sweets’ noodles.

Aw, poor Sweets can’t seem to catch a break. He’s batting 0 for…what?…five?

Hodgins offering Cam some help.

Brennan telling Angela that she should leave before Booth comes home. Yikes.

“I don’t know why Mars lost its magnetic field. I’m not angry at Mars.” – You cannot argue with logic like that.

“I think we fit pretty good in all the right places.” – Haha! Naughty Tony.

Booth stopping the shaman from touching Brennan.

“Can I at least suggest a dumpster you might enjoy behind the super market?”

Cam saying that she needed to focus on the case – something that she could control.

“His behavior has nothing to do with the rotation, doll.” Brennan

The entire beer hat conversation.

Brennan nearly giving herself away by showing off her smarts.

Brennan chanting in Latin.

“Well, I’m not an expert. on everything, but doesn’t that happen when your teeth get knocked out?”

Angela calling Sweets a tight-assed geek boy.

Booth in the fat suit. That is all.

Booth trying to act like the impressive FBI agent… while in the fat suit.

Arastoo reassuring Cam that none of what happened was really her.

Cam breaking down after Angela offered her help.

Booth reluctantly agreeing to give Sweets some time.

Bill and Evelyn happily admitting how they killed the victim.

Evelyn’s “equalizer.” Youch.

Booth and Brennan trying to clear their minds and ending up dropping the robes and jumping in bed. Aw.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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